Thursday, June 17, 2010

14 yrs old Millionaire!


Anyone heard of someone who became a millionaire at the age of 14?

He calls himself a Reallionaire.

Check it out:

Can something like this happen in Singapore?

It is like a mother's dream, right?

To bring up a child who made a decision to change his life of poverty to

a life of plenty.


Monday, June 14, 2010

Was I King Leonidas Once?


Just a "whym" and "fancie" that I write this.

As I went through a 'participative' session of Patterns Of Excellence(POE) as opposed to a 'coaching' version, I found out that my true powers were still very latent and that I simply need to go let it "flow" that there is enough energy left in me since the "dawn of time" that I can influence change in just about anything or anyone with awareness.

What a whole bunch of 'gunk' above eh? Ha ha hah....

During my own Time-Line Re-imprinting, I saw that I was King Leonidas.

I found out that if I were to go to this "place" I saw that I was on a gold colored road to a building that looked like the Greek's Acropolis, and that the surrounding was a golden stretch of wheat, ready to be harvested.


It was like a scene from the Gladiator movie where The Gladiator was walking home to his wife and son.

Mine was similar, but my building was a huge one with greek pillars supporting it's heavy roof; just like the Greek Acropolis.

When I walked up to it's heavy oak doors, it automatically opened and I saw inside my 300 Spartans all in gear but with their helmets cradled by their sides and all eyes looking at me intently.

I was so touched by this vision that my current body could not take this and it convulsed with tears and soft weepings.

In my time-line, I felt brave and proud of my 300 and my Captain; Artemis, calls out to me:

"Welcome home, oh, our King!"

More tears and convulsions racked my mortal body.

I walk towards them and I saw them smiling and nodding their heads with approval as I came closer, and as they part to let me walk through, I was shown my throne made of gold and comfort. The seat, crimson red of unknown origin.

I walked up to this imminent chair and turned to look at my 300. My brave 300. My lions!

No need for words as our minds simply linked somehow and we all nod with approval.

Smiling our appreciation of where we are.... Finally.

Then I decided to turn towards my Queen's chamber and my 300 went to their own women.

My Queen and my child. My "Omega" and my R.

Enough said. Here is where I stop... for now.

Reflecting upon this experience, I felt that my "Symbol" has changed into a Warrior. 

My W. has 7 things to do his work: 
  1. A shield,
  2. A spear, 
  3. A sword, 
  4. A helmet,
  5. A red cape,  
  6. A red loin-cloth,
  7. A pair of shoes. 
All these are to annihilate dis-empowerment.  

And to annihilate dis-empowerment from a person, he/she must wear the 7 things. 

More on the 7 tools in a later blog as more important things have to be done now. 


W. A!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

After my time at AKLTG.


Imagine that you had to get up at 5:30am everyday and you had to reach work by 7:30am and work ends at 1:00am or 2:00am, everyday. 

Would you still continue doing the job?

Imagine that you have only 5 - 10 minutes lunch or dinner and food and water is prepared in plastic lunch-boxes plus boxed soft-drinks.

Would you still continue doing the job?

Imagine that you have to stay back after the participants of the event would go home till 1:00am or 2:00am so that you and the other coachs can discuss in what manner of way can we help them be aware of their de- limitating patterns and how to approach them most effectively so that they will find it within themselves to change. 

Imagine that when you did this job, you would have touched the lives of many people in attendance where they will have learnt from you skills that will benefit them in society; for example Speed Reading Skills or  Whole Brain note taking strategies or Power of State.

Would you still continue doing this job? 

Imagnine that there would be some participants who, no matter what you did will always return back to their old patterns. 

Would you still continue doing the job?

Imagine that you will get very tired, frustrated, hungry, sleepy etc etc in this environment and that may make you want to quit.

Would you still continue doing the job?

Imagine that many participants of such an event would come up to you and thank you for being their Coach of Excellence and that their journey has brought them many learnings and realizations and that what I did, makes a difference in other people's life. 

How would you still not do this job?

Today is 8th June 2010 and I have just survived a week of the above mentioned (ie) 2-3 hours of sleep every day since 27th May 2010 until 4th June 2010; which ended at 1:00am. 

I had just completed a successful I Am Gifted (IAG) - Junior (Age 7 - 12) Camp at Adam Khoo Learning Technologies(AKLTG) Pte Ltd, and I am feeling so fulfilled and empowered. That at the instant I allow myself to go back to any one of the times that I was there, I would tear.

AKLTG is like a second home to me and I consider it as the "safest place on the planet". 

It is SANCTUARY to me. 

I wish that every man, woman and children would get a chance to enter it's doors and step out an improved person. 

Me & Adam Khoo

Me & Stuart Tan

A person that makes a difference in other people's lives. 

My mission in life is to improve the quality of other people's lives through acts of courage that is aligned to my childhood dream of becoming a fireman(Captain) when I grow up. 

One of the most important values of a fireman is to save as many people's lives when in time of crisis. To allow people closest to death to get a second chance in life. To show them a ladder of opportunity when the building they are in is engulf in flames. 

I see myself as that warrior-of-fire where I slice through ignorance, dis-empowerment, and chaos. 


Pehaps that is why when I went thru my time-line re-imprinting, I see through the eyes of King Leonidus and in front of me was my Spartans of 300. 

My "teacher" says that that 'dream' was just my representation of what was the real: that is I was The S.A.W. and my 300 was the companions. 

That gave me goosebumps!

So, back to the real, I am going to attaract opportunities where I can masterfully serve my abilities to mankind so that they see the path and walk on it boldly and towards the truth. 

I must do this and I will begin it with me being at peace with the within and so will the without also be at peace. 

Question: Who is with me to build a million dollars a year business by end of this year?