Monday, December 7, 2009

Day 6: Laziness.

"Start your day with a dose of gratitude." - Cruz Ramirez.

I remembered that I wrote something in Day1 blog that I was committed to my success and that I will be going through T. Harv Ecker's 90 Day Wealth Conditioning Program.

To date, I still have not done so because like what someone said to me: "Life gets in the way of success."

I'm feeling really terrible today because I feel like a failure. I just had a bad time at the supermarket with the wife and she said and did things that made me feel really dumb!

I hate this feeling like I am not worth anything. I feel really dejected that I do not have a stable income and that I am living day to day on borrowed time and money.


I am going through T. Harv Ecker's 90 Day Wealth Conditioning Program and I am going to play catchup. Like how I am behind in my homework, I am going to do 6 days stuff tonight.

And, I am going to focus really really hard about what I want to do to achieve a 4 figure income this month.

I know that I am going to have to earn a 4 figure salary every month and I know that that is what I have to do or else life SUCKS!


I just got on SKYPE with a friend of mine who really did a great job of helping me out with my insides.

Thanks, Cruz!

And it is all about what you feel inside that matters and if you don't feel good, you just have to do something that makes you feel thankful about anything.

The secret or key to being successful is to have this feel good feeling inside and that is achievable when you have an ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE!

With Passion and Gratitude,


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Day 1: Samsung OMNIA.


I have just acquired a new handphone and it's a SAMSUNG OMNIA!

What a blessing it is as i always had a wish to get myself a handphone like the OMNIA.

I was actually planning to save up to get an Apple iPhone 3GS but suddenly, here in my hand is an equivalent!

This is all thanks to my wife who managed to get it at a special price!

Even though it is a second hand version, it is working perfectly!

The OS is a Microsoft Windows Mobile ver. 6.1 and i'm familiar with it because i have a Personal Digital Assistant(PDA) that runs on an earlier version so using the OMNIA is a relative breeze.

This is so ironic because i sort of manifested my intention to get myself something like the OMNIA after APPLE improved the iPhone's OS (with cut and paste) and then later with the launch of the iPhone 3GS.

I think the manifestation process became more stronger when i saw a good friend of mine using the new iPhone at a seminar we both attended recently.

I thought to myself that if he can get one, there should be No reason why i can't either!

Also, i believe that the seminar also helped unlock this special ability that whatever we want, we simply have to 'attract' it to us. And when the opportunity arrives, one must take action immediately!

The seminar that i attended lately was T. Harv Ecker - MMI(Millionaire Mindset Intensive).

And it is really a mind blowing experience that i believe will stay with me for a very long time!

I'm writing this blog entry using the OMNIA because that was also a wish of mine that i can type my blogs using a handphone.

Now that i can do this, I am grateful for this opportunity.

I believe that whatever success lessons that i've been taught and that i will commit to applying it daily for the rest of my life will make me achieve success.

Just like what T. Harv Ecker said,

"You aint seen nothing yet!"

Incidently, part of this blog was written using the Samsung OMNIA and from this point on, it is from my ACER Aspire One D250 Netbook.

On a serious note, I just realize that I went through November without writing a single blog post!

This is bad as I was supposed to journal what I am doing that is making me reach closer to earning a consistent income from the internet doing Internet Marketing.

So far, I'm still earning inconsistent income and one that I am committed to stop doing by the end of December 2009 and focus that I keep earning that amount even without me doing anything.

In the month of November 2009, I attended several seminars and/or workshops and I realize that I do have great potential in doing whatever that I want to do and earn a huge income from it.

I realize that the key to success is never giving up and keep on at it again and again and learning more and more and change strategy until I get the results that I want.

T. Harv Ecker said it very clearly that if you want to know if you are doing something right, just look at the results.

I loved his seminar that I attended in November and one of his most famous sayings is:


I respect that man and how he is living his dharma of changing people's mindset about money.

And folks, I believe that I have this problem of not achieving my goals because of my Financial Mindset.

My Financial Blueprint is messed up and I need to get it changed before I get to achieve the success that I am aiming for.

So, from today onwards, I am committed to learn as much as I can about what rich people do that can make me rich!

I have been given the materials and teachings of T. Harv Ecker and I am committed to go through his 90 days Millionaire Mindset workbook and committed to making the next 90 days the best 90 days of my life.

I am committed to grow in the next 90 days starting from today and that I believe with all the fiber of my being that the next few days will be the defining moments of my life where I will emerged changed and becoming a winner!

Today will be day one and I am committed to this path of success.

With Passion and Gratitude!