Saturday, June 27, 2009

What spurred me to do this?


One of the events that happened that made me set my mind up to do Global Domains International(GDI) as my current focus for succeeding in my Internet Based Business is right after I read Ewen Chia's "How to Make Your First $1,000 Online In Just 30 Days!"


Just reading the title of the e-book made my eyes grow wide with the realization that succeeding in any business is about setting a target income and than work towards it.

I realized that if I were to aim for RM1,000.00 per month, that would definitely work for me because currently, I am earning less than that.

And if I can do something on the Internet that can earn me a steady income of RM1,000.00 per month, praise God!

I could probably quit my 80 hours a week job and stay at home to work less hours but still earn the same amount of money.

Plus, the equivalent of RM1,000.00 is roughly USD$300.00 at current exchange rate of USD$1.00 = RM3.50. Actually, if I earn USD$300.00 per month, I'd be getting RM1,050.00 per month!

So I went about assessing what are the available methods that I can get involved in to earn me USD$300.00 per month and I am talking PER MONTH here.

Not a method that gives me a one off income and then I have to work hard at doing it again for another potential customer.

Wouldn't it be great that you can introduce to a potential customer once and than after that potential decides to become your customer, he/she "buys" your product but keeps "paying" you every month as long as he/she wants to keep "using" your service?

And if you can get several tens or even hundreds of such customers, your earnings would increase multiple times.

Now, at the time of reading Ewen Chia's e-book, I was doing Work For 3 Dollars(W4$3), but I feel that I'd have difficulty hitting my target of USD$300.00 per month because I'd have to signup 600 new people per month!

Why 600?

That's because each new person that I introduce to W4$3 would earn me USD$0.50.

To me, 600 new people per month is difficult!

So I went about looking for something else that can earn me a steady flow of income even though the potential only signup once but keeps being a member of that website's service or product.

Also, that website's service or product should not be too expensive to maintain.

One website that I could think of now is Global Domains International(GDI), because each signups will let me earn USD$1.00 per month.

And being a member or GDI is not too expensive: USD$10.00 per month.

Tell me of a business that costs you USD$10.00 per month but has the potential of earning you whatever amount your heart desire.

And you don't have to stock up on potions or lotions that you don't use at all.

GDI is all about the internet and internet websites and anyone who accesses the internet and wants to setup websites for any reason, should look at GDI.

GDI is not only a website solution provider but also an internet based business solution provider.

One thing wonderful about GDI is that it is an Multi Level Referral based system.

That means that I can leverage on my signups to get more signups!

And every signups that they get earns me USD$1.00 per month!

So, my plan is to get my first 10 members so that I can get USD$10.00 per month which would help pay for my membership.

In other words, once 10 members is achieved, my GDI membership is free!

Imagine that my 10 members does the same thing. That means that each of my first 10 members gets 10 members. How much do I earn per month?

USD$110.00 per month.

That's because there is 100 members in that level.

Now, what if that 100 members does exactly the same thing I did and does 10 signups each. How much do I earn per month?

USD$1110.00 per month and that is equivalent to RM3,885.00 per month!

I believe that if that happens, I'd stop working and stay at home and be my own boss!