Monday, May 23, 2016

The Envelope

A friend of mine recently went for an interesting training that will help her reach her goals faster.

Part of her training was for the trainer to share his methods of earning a million dollars at a rate of x times.

He began by asking the participants whether they would want a million dollars? The training room was silent for several moments.

The trainer asked again,

"Would any of you like to have a million  dollars in your hands RIGHT NOW?".

There was a slight murmur, but no one put their hands up.

Then, the trainer whipped out a dollar note and waved it in the air and asked the question whether anyone would like to have this dollar in his hand, please put up your hand. A few hands shot up and the trainer than proceeded to walk up to the fastest individual who shot his hand up and he got that one dollar.

"Would anyone like to have five dollars?" asked the trainer and now many more hands shot up and the trainer proceeded to give his five dollars to the one who shot his hand up the fastest.

And, this went on for ten, twenty, fifty and a hundred dollars. The training room was in a frenzy!

After he gave the one hundred dollars to a very enthusiastic participant, the trainer asked everyone to calm down. Then, he asked, if anyone would like a million dollars and proceeded to wave an envelope in the air. The training room erupted into chaos! The trainer asked that everyone please be seated as he has spotted someone who shot her arms up the fastest and went over to her to bring her up on stage. The trainer led her to a chair and he sat opposite her. He than asked her what she would do with it. She described what she is going to do with it and she smiled widely. There were even tears in her eyes.

The trainer than hand out that envelope to her and she took it BUT the trainer did not let go. He than asked why should he give her that million dollars and why did she deserve it? And what has she done to deserve that million dollars.

The trainer eventually did give that envelope to her but asked her not to open it yet. He than surprised everyone that every participant in the room is going to get an envelope that (supposedly) contain a million dollars. The trainer asked that every participant promised not to open the envelope until he gave the signal to open it.

After the signal was given, every participant opened the envelope and what they saw was this:

The question, is:

  1. How did the participants reacted? 
  2. Were they pleased? 
  3. Were they angry? 
  4. Were they reflective? 
  5. Were they surprised? 

Then, the trainer began to explain the whole "game".