Friday, June 26, 2009

How am I going to get sign-ups?


I think one of the most important question which I am also facing is this:

How am I going to get sign-ups for my new Internet Marketing Business ?

I'm having trouble with the first step in putting up Yahoo! Advertisements for my business as I am short of USD$30.00 for the down-payment.

No doubt that I do have USD$30+ in my PayPal account but I am hoping not to use it for anything else other than my first USD$10.00 payment to GDI.

Yes. Even when I am "promised" zero costs in doing business in GDI via the method shown in my website, I still have to pay USD$10.00 after the 7 days trial period is over.

Still, I am hoping that the signups is fast so that I can get 10 members and then I don't have to pay anything out of my pocket.

Yes, even though there is no cost involved in advertising but Yahoo! advertisement needs a minimum USD$30.00 down-payment even though we get free USD$100.00 for advertisement.

The steps in states that we can 'try' to ask a USD$30.00 loan from our up-lines to help us out but it is in no obligation on their part that they do so.

My sponsors, Tina and Cruz's philosophy is via a FR.EE and effective way of using Twitter to get signups.

I believe that since there is a FR.EE and effective way of doing this, I think that is why Tina and Cruz don't want their downlines to spend any more money than is needed to run their business effectively.

So, later tonight, I will look closer at what they are asking me to do and see that I get signups later.

Perhaps, when I have enough money for the down-payment, then will I use Yahoo! Ads to find signups for my Internet Based Business.

I know that in July, I'd be getting something like SGD$200.00 from the Singapore Government because of the GST offset package.

Thank you, Singapore!

Last night, I was following Tina and Cruz's steps until late (3:00am) but I had to leave it as I was very tired and had to go to work in the morning.

This reminds me of the story of Singapore's own Millionaire Internet Marketeer who in the beginning was working for a telecommunication company called M1 and he struggled for 6 years, sleeping late into the night (3:00am) every night until he cracked it and became a success.

His name is Ewen Chia: .

His story is quite well known to me and I have met him personally and listen to him talk.

A very humble person and very willing to help his fellow Internet Marketeer out in building a successful business on the internet.

Stories like his sparks a tremendous desire in me that even though it is very late at night but I still have got to put in the effort in making my Internet Based Business work!

I imagine that I am like Ewen Chia; struggling at first but eventually coming out tops!

So, later, I am going to use Tina's and Cruz's advice on how to get signups for free via Twitter and I hope to get one or a few signups later.