Sunday, February 19, 2012

SGD3,070.00 per Month.

Dear Readers,

I found out that I seem to update my Facebook more than I update my Blog.

So, go to my Facebook: for near daily updates.

This blog will still record my Journal of Earning Consistent 4 Figure Income per Month from the Internet.

I found out this year that the average income of Singaporeans is $3,070.00 per month or $36,840.00 per year.

It appears that I am earning below this; thus I am a below average earner.

By, God! May I find "hidaya" that it is not the money that I earn that will sustain me; but Allah (swt).

I once heard that Allah does not care if a man is rich or poor in material wealth but He raise the man's status because of his knowledge and his "eeman".

May Allah shows us The Guidance to the Way.