Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Top Internet Marketing Guru Became Bankrupt?!


Can you believe it that one of the Internet Marketing Guru, Anik Singal, is bankrupt?!

Is this true or is this another hype to get people to respond to him?

The truth is that it is not true and he is just hypothetically "bankrupt" and he is going to prove to disbelievers how he is going to make his first $500.00 when he is bankrupt.

Go here to find out more:


iPad Sucks! Part Deux!

I just found out that you can solve the 2 current biggest issues about the iPad:

  1. No in-built camera and
  2. No Acrobat Flash support in its Internet Browser application.
 Solution to the camera:

Solution to the Flash:

So, okay... the above solutions are not the most perfect but at least we should give credit to the guys at c|net for their courage to give it their best.

In my humble opinion, i think that the iPad still needs an in-built camera in front and at the back and the Safari Mobile should support Adobe Flash.

Just my 2 cents worth.