Saturday, January 7, 2012

Stupid vs Blessed

Will you look at that! One whole year of not posting anything on my Blog!

Well, 1 year and 6 days... But who is REALLY counting, eh?

Actually, it was my goal of 2011 of not posting anything on my Blog. Just to see if I could do it.

I guess that it is possible. Ha ha ha...

Funny that if it was a goal like this, I can do it; but if it was a goal of making a five figure income doing something I love, I bet I'd fail!

Imagine that I set a goal that is like this one - not posting anything on the Internet - and it is to earn five figure income every month for the rest of my life, wouldn't that be peachy, eh?

I tested something out this morning as I performed some prayers and I told myself that this is a stupid life, over and over again, and that I was feeling stupid, breathing in the stupid air, listening to the stupid noise of the MRT, etc etc... Basically saying to myself that everything that I am experiencing is stupid, therefore, I am having a stupid life.

Then, I switched the word stupid with blessed, and something something strange started to happen.

I started feeling blessed.

I was beaming!

A smile developed on my face.

Everything looked clear as if a fog has been lifted.

Is this THE secret?

THen one thing leads to another and then I remembered the story of The Blessed Tree.

It is on my Facebook( and Please go there to read more about it.

Ironically, the pictures that I posted on Facebook is a tree that if full of green leaves. The video on YouTube with the imminent Islamic Scholars and Thinkers shows a tree with just a few leaves.

I wonder if this means something?

This tree out in the middle of a God forsaken desert symbolizes a witness to the existence of The Seal of The Prophets.

That this tree once took over the task of the cloud that was providing shade to someone of great importance.

That this tree once feared is now reveared and God let it lived until this day to provide a witness to His Grace and Mercy.

May we, ourselves, be like this tree: Responsible, Resilient, Rare.

Welcome, 2012! I await the date, December 12th!

May God have mercy on our souls!

- A's!