Monday, July 27, 2009

Day 26: Need to stay focused!


I believe that everyone would face this “beast” many times in their lifetime!

This “beast” is one of the many reasons why so many newbie to Internet Marketing struggle to achieve their goal(s).

When they cannot achieve their goal(s), it is because of one of three things and that is:

1. They succumb to the “beast” and go off the ‘right’ path to follow another (wrong) path, did not , realized their mistake and they eventually reach the ‘point-of-no-return’, or

2. They succumb to the “beast” and go off the ‘right’ path to follow another (wrong) path, realized their mistake but does not return to the ‘right’ path; because of reasons such as fear and/or shame and they eventually reach the ‘point-of-no-return’.

3. They succumb to the “beast” and go off the ‘right’ path to follow another (wrong) path but realized their mistake and quickly return to the ‘right’ path; unfortunately, a certain amount of time has passed, or

Those who achieve their goal(s) is due to the fact that they did not succumb to the “beast”.

Such Internet Marketer has developed well trained “capabilities” to defeat or avoid the “beast”.

One’s “capabilities” can exist because of getting an excellent guide or the I-Marketer has developed it through Trial and Error or through constant mistakes and learning from them.

As the “beast” has the capability to transform itself to many forms, the successful Internet Marketer also has the ability to fend off its attacks with many disciplines.

One key capability of the successful Internet Marketer is the ability to stay FOCUSED on what tasks are the most important to undertake at the right time.

Internet Marketing is just like any REAL business (whether it is on-line or off).

Successful businesses become successful because of serious businessmen.

If one where to treat it otherwise, then the income will turn out to be a joke.

So, what is this “beast” that I am talking about?


This is one MONSTER that can be hard for me to put down as I always get myself caught in its grasp and it wouldn’t easily let me go.

However, I have learnt a lot since the beginning of 2006 on how to stay focused in my Internet Marketing / Internet Based Business so as to make it a success and that is to stay disciplined and focus my thoughts as if it is a laser beam that can cut through any obstacles.

This period of time is the most successful for me as I have taken the right steps and that is to engage a trustworthy guide: Mr Cruz Ramirez who have an excellent map to show me the most shortest way to the top of mount GDI.

So successful that on day 26 of my 30 day challenge, I’ve got one more signup to my GDI business.

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