Thursday, August 30, 2007

My First Posting

My first posting in word form.

Earlier it was a picture and I thought that since it is going to be my Blog, why not put my face so that people can see who Alief Hamdani is.

Actually, I placed my picture on the Posting is because I wanted to use it for my own profile.

Didn't work. How typical.....

So I was resorted to spend a good amount of time to figure out how Blogger helps people who are not so tech savvy or should I say Blogger savvy to get their own personal picture up onto their Profile.

Very frustrating.

The fact is that I am not an inexperience blogger and that I have been on the Internet for decades.

Before using Blogger, I was using Multiply and before that, Friendster and I would say that they are easier to use than Blogger.

BUT.... I decided to use Blogger because of the potential of me earning some kind of income from it.

I'm not sure if that qualify as a good reason to use Blogger or not.

I was contemplating using Wordpress because I bought this product Wordpress Adsense System 1.2 from Gobala Krishnan and it sort of guarantees an income if I were to follow it 'religiously'.


So now my personal 'battle' is Blogger vs Wordpress.

Anyways, this is my second posting and that I am doing this just to get a hang of it.

I have used Blogger before and you can read them at

Some of you may ask then why a new Blog?

Because this Blog is supposed to be a little more well planned and more serious and MORE focused on what I am about to embark till the end of this year.

It is going to be content rich and serious and like most things that I have planned to do, skewed sometimes to areas that may not be relevant.

That's me anyway....

My third posting may be the really SERIOUS one.