Monday, September 17, 2007

What should my Blog site be about?

Dear Readers,

I'm on this crossroad sort of thing and am now stuck about what my blog site should be about?

Should I be specific and just blog about my main focus right now?

Or shall I just blog whatever just comes into my mind?


I am not a new blogger as I had a few 'publications' from Multiply, Friendster, another Blog-site, etc.

I have just recently decided to start a new one specifically because I was thinking about starting a journal-like blog that will record my daily activities whilst I move ever closer to my goal.


Making money from the internet is what is on my mind nowadays.

I believe that a lot of people who reads blogs of this type DOES think about money everyday isn't it?

And that we just want to find that "MAGIC BULLET" that will enable us to get our millions quickly and effectively.

Is there such a "MAGIC BULLET"?

Maybe.... it depends.

I heard from T. Harv Eker who wrote the Secrets of the Millionaire Mind said in his audio recording:

"Rich people: When they find an opportunity will 'Ready + Shoot + Aim'. Whereas poor people will often 'Ready + Aim + Shoot'."

Interesting philosophy especially when one would think that a bullet is a piece of lead that will only move in a particular direction and is near impossible to GUIDE it once it leaves the gun.

Unless of course that one is using a complex missile system like the TOMAHAWK then it would me 'Read + Shoot + Aim'!

My reasonable mind tells me that what poor people usually gets us a bullet. Perhaps a bullet is too expensive for them so they have only a rock to hit their target.


Of course, I am now suddenly inspired to post something like why rich people are more effective as compared to poor people.

Well, I believe that this will be my blog for :

How I made a DECISION to use the tools available to me via a computer connected to the internet and how I make an income that is VERY comfortable to me.

To put it S.M.A.R.T.-ly: (
Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely)

I want to make $10,000.00 per month from my Internet based business by the end of year 2007 based on a business model that someone has done before.

So. Here we GO!!!