Thursday, April 1, 2010

Todays thoughts.


I believe that there are a few things that a successful businessman has that makes him successful and one of it is DISCIPLINE.

The other one is FOCUS.

I have this new philosophy of reaching my life's successes by behaving like a Millionaire Warrior. More on this in a later post.

Now's posting is about DISCIPLINE + FOCUS = GOAL.

My goal is to earn USD1,000.00 by end of April 2010 and I am going to achieve it mostly by this on-line program called Infinity Downline.

I believe it is my calling to share this system because I have seen a lot of people (especially in Malaysia) who is earning 4-5 figure income per month.

"If they can do it, why can't I? Or why can't you?"

I believe that it is the dream of many to be able to earn an income of their dreams even without him/her "working" at it after it has gained momentum.

I believe that it is the dream of many to be able to be free to do whatever that they want as long as it is:

1. Legal
2. Ethical
3. Morally right.

I believe that it is the Millionaire Warrior's duty to live a life of Masterful Servanthood.

Before I explain what this program is, let me share the important aspect of BELIEF.

If one's BELIEFS is at 100% that whatever one is doing is right, then the rest of it is simpler.

For example, there are many who thinks that Multi-Level Marketing(MLM)/Network Marketing(NM) is not a right way of doing business.

This is where I want to prove that it is not wrong to do MLM/NM, just as long as one is clear of one's intention to do it and that the program is one that is not only just to make a profit but to help the "little guy" make it.

Let me introduce to you Billy Riggs whose lecture I've heard many times about Network Marketing that everyone who is not at 100% believing that it is the best way to market a service and/or product should really listen to him.

I'll see how I can post his lecture legally and share what I learn about Network Marketing.

Or, simply go to his website to check him out:

Other than Billy, here is a Youtube video of Robert Kiyosaki who shares what he thinks is the Perfect Business.

Ok, folks. Let's not waste any more time and commit to make our financial success become a reality.

Go here now and just DO IT!