Wednesday, June 24, 2009

How I invest my USD$10.00 / month to hit my USD$300.00 / month income?


I am abandoning my Work For 3 Dollars temporarily so that I can focus on something that would work better because I need to hit a monthly target of USD$300 per month.

Why so little?

That is because I want to set that as my first milestone as with USD$300.00 per month, that is equivalent to RM1,000.00 and I believe that I can live on RM1,000.00 per month in Malaysia.

Then I have a choice to quit my current 80 hour work week, if I want to.

Of course I will not stop at USD$300.00 (or RM1,000.00) as I will aim for my next milestone that is my first 5 figures.

"A journey for a 1,000 miles begins with the first step."

So my journey to Financial Security/Stability/Abundance begins with earning my first USD$1.00 and to do that, I need to get one signup for my Global Domains International, Inc. (GDI) business.

Once I've done that, I've got my first 1(one) figure income a month from the Internet.

So my next target would be my first 2(two) figures and I hope to get 10 signups by end of June 2009.

As with 10 sign-ups, I would have nothing to pay for my GDI membership as 10 signups earns me USD$10.00 per month.

Then, I'll aim for my first 3(three) figure income and I hope to get 100 signups by end of July 2009.

Of course, I hope that the 10 members that I have signed up will do the same work as I have done for my business and that they sign-up 10 individuals themselves.

This would definitely help my business grow quickly.

GDI's Company Vision Statement states that "To achieve success, one must help as many people as possible to achieve their success". (or something like that).

So, I'm committed to help my downlines achieve success as by helping them I would also achieve success.

Yesterday, I signed-up for GDI via a husband and wife team: Tina and Cruz Ramirez.

They used a system that is almost 100 percent free and I like it because they have a system that is very promising.

They make use of Yahoo! Advertisement and Twitter and Google Adwords and such where they found almost FR.EE methods of advertising to get new members to sign-up for their GDI business.

Now, they extend their methodology to others who are interested in joining GDI under their sponsorship.

I joined under Tina and Cruz Ramirez because I have been involved with Cruz when I was with TeamGDIPro many years ago.

Cruz is such a great leader because he shares with us his way of signing up new members using free or almost free methods that are effective.

He is genuinely helpful and will go out of his way to help his downlines.

That is why when I found his offer of joining his husband and wife team, I jumped at the chance.

His method is following this method that I have incorporated in this link:

and if anyone signs-up under me, I'll share exactly the same method that they have taught me.

William Wallace of "The Science of Getting Rich" says that the way to become rich is by doing things is a certain way.

Thus, if you were given the methodology by someone who has done it, wouldn't you want to follow it?

I know I would.