Tuesday, September 25, 2007

25th September 2007

Dear Readers,

Today, I had a thought about my own life and how I want to live it in the near future.


I want to have so much money that money is not an issue for me anymore.

Today I took a look at my bank account and it is in a very sorry state! It is in it's single digit and some cents now.

I'm guessing that my bank account is feeling like how I am feeling right now: "HUNGRY"

I am in the fasting month of Ramadhan and it is compulsory for adult muslims to fast. Fasting is to go with out food or water from the break of day to the dawn of night.

Not only is it just food and water, it is also about behaving more pious:
  • Watch what I say, and see, and do, and think!
I cannot have any forms of desire but the desire of obeying God's instructions.

By obeying His decrees and jurisprudence, I then lead a life or taqwa ie 'to be close to God'.

Ironically, I have not felt this hungry until today. And that I have not felt any tiredness like I've felt in past days. Perhaps this is the Compensatory System taking effect.

That if I don't feel hungry, I'll feel tired and that if I feel tired, I won't feel hungry.

I wonder if this will take over from today onwards because 1/3rd of Ramadhan is over.

Ironically too is that the pious muslim will not feel any hunger nor thirst but spiritual fullness in this Holy month.

I think I'll better meditate and reflect about this: Have I been a good Muslim?

"Money is the root of all evils!"

So says the ignorant, or should I say the poor.

Poor in mind, and soul.

To me, money is not the root of all evils but being poor is.

I believe that the term wealth or being wealthy has it's meaning warped.

It is not money that I want but it is what money can do for me.

I cannot eat money and stave off my hunger but I can buy things that I can then eat and make myself full.

Money can also give dreams and hopes come true for the poor and destitute.


I want to have so much time that I can just feel less anxious that I am running out of time to do things that is useful. Like:
  • Go on a vacation to learn about other people's culture.
  • Go on a pilgrimage to Mecca and complete my 5th religious obligation.
  • Choose to do what ever that I want because time is at hand.

I believe that this is the quintessential need for any man, and woman, and child of this century that once they have enough or abundance of this, they are "free".

Of course, there is another thing that is very important: mindset.

[Mindset = Akhlak?]

What is good if a person has abundant time & money but don't know how to value it and then squander it away.

Easy come, easy go.

Just like the "heroes" of our generation who was once a 'zero' and then became a 'hero' and then back to 'zero' again.

They are the Mike Tyson.

I would prefer to have my zero-to-hero and still remaining a hero because he/she has found himself and found the right purpose of living their life.

They are the Sylvester Stallone. (aka Rocky Balboa)

I want to be the next zero-to-hero man and I want to become someone that my child will look up to me and say: "You are the best father in the world!"

I bet that if I were to hear this one day, I can simply cry out my tears of joy!

Onwards, towards SUCCESS!