Sunday, August 5, 2012

USD1Million Marketing Tool


I came across a unique marketing tool that uses a fake USD 1 Million dollar notes as flyers or name cards.

I got these images many years ago from a website of a company that would print them for you with the marketing slogan of your choice or even made them blank so that you could use your own printer to print them yourself. 

At that time, the printing company would print and ship them out to you at 50 cents a piece and they'd only take minimum orders of 250 pieces. 

So, what I did was I took the 2 images I got from their website and erase the words out so that I get the picture below. 

Than I use Microsoft word to paste 4 of the images on one page, and type the words that I wanted on the back of the fake notes and used a good color laserjet printer to print them on an A4 sized paper on the front and on the back.

You can do the same for yourself with the pictures that I have provided here.


Alief Hamdani