Thursday, August 20, 2009

Day 51: Life is ....


Sometimes, I get this feeling that I'm going crazy or something and I feel like the whole WORLD is going against me!

Like when i want to find the time to do my work, there is always something in the way to prevent me from doing it like:
  1. A sudden lack of energy,
  2. A feeling of being "STUCK",
  3. Family commitments,
  4. An excuse,
  5. Etc etc etc

A Sudden lack of Energy

This is also known as that lethargic feeling that everyone feels especially after a big meal and you suddenly feel like you want to put your head down and go to sleep.

I usually feel like this after lunch and dinner especially.

I'm following this terrific guy: Shawn Phillips who had just published a book some time ago that discusses about his philosophy of STRENGTH For LIFE.

I like his work so much that I am drawn to his postings every Monday as he mentions about what having muscles means to him.

I think that he is the first Bodybuilder that takes the view of going to the gym and eating right and having a balanced amount of rest would do to a person's well being.

And that if everyone were to follow his philosophy of building the right body(his way of course), he or she would be successful in everything.


Actually, I believe in him as the saying goes: "My body is my temple."

So, if you were to treat your body right, you would do everything right.

Or, I would prefer to say: "If you were to treat your SELF right, then everything would be right."

This goes back to the Secret of life and that is to always "think positive" or always have an "Attitude of Gratitude".

Nick Vijucic terms it: "Attitude is Altitude".

And he is one person who really advocates positive attitudes in everything that you do.

If you take a look at his 4 Minutes 33 Seconds video, it'll explain it all.

A feeling of being "STUCK"

I get this a lot of times especially when there is millions of things to do and I am not sure which one to do first.

Family Commitments

This comes when all of a sudden, your significant-other-half decides to do something "important" and you have to drop everything that is "important" to you because you don't want WW3 to happen.

Seriously, this is unavoidable especially when you have your baby daughter sick with the fever at 2:00am and you have to go to the 24 hrs clinic for her to have her medicine.

An Excuse

This folks is what I call the reason for my procrastination and I always tell myself that it is alright to go play, because "all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy".

Or that there is something fantastic on the TV that needs my attention because if not, I'd miss my opportunity to understand why King Tut was murdered and that he didn't die of natural reasons.

Etc Etc Etc

This actually falls under the heading of "An Excuse".

So, the topic here is "Life is ...." whatever you make of it.

I want this year to be my most successful one because I don't want to fall into another trap of saying to myself that I didn't achieve my goal(s) because of etc etc etc.

I believe that if a person didn't succeed is because he/she just put down too many excuses for his/her failure.

I believe that a successful man is successful because he wants to succeed and that he made a commitment to succeed no matter what.

That doing his BEST is not good enough as opposed to doing what he is supposed to be doing.

Folks, I am frustrated at having my life dictated by someone/something else so I am now making a decision to succeed at my goal(s) no matter what it takes.

Here is a video about what inspired Sylvester Stallone to write his blockbuster movie: Rocky.


Alief Hamdani