Wednesday, February 18, 2009

God, I am so sleepy now!

Today is Wednesday, 18th February 2009, 11:15 am.

And I am feeling very very sleepy!

I am not sure why I am feeling this way but if I recall, I did have a good night's rest last night. And I am sure that I have more than 5 hours of sleep.

Yet, now, I feel that my eye lids just want to come together and my head just want to rest itself on this table.

Strangely, when I decided to type this and stop doing what I am always doing every morning, I feel that I am not so sleepy anymore.

Maybe the reason could be that I am venting my frustrations.

Or maybe I am doing something that I enjoy, like playing my favorite XBOX computer games like Ninja Gaiden.

I remembered a time when even how tired my body may have felt, yet I could go on to teach 3 classes of BODYCOMBAT at California Fitness Gym, Singapore. And, strangely, I felt more stronger as the day's classes were progressing. I remembered that I could do the difficult push-ups and ab-crunches more easily as I was teaching the last class.

Talk about mind over matter.

I believe that if one were to do something with PASSION, all the tiredness or pain would simply melt away.

Or that the act of typing out words on this word processing application program forces the brain to feel wakeful. I think it is the same like making myself stand up and walk around the room.

I am in this place called Bizcom :

I am here because I needed access to the internet and this is the only place that I can do so FREE(for now) that also includes FREE(for now) power supply.

I used to go to my Mother-In-Laws house to do internet surfing/work but ever since her internet connection got terminated because my wife decided not to pay the internet bills any longer, I end up going to a place like BIZCOM.

BTW, I am not feeling sleepy anymore. Maybe it is due to me forcing myself not to go to sleep so the body just gave up or maybe if you fight the sleepiness, the body will release some kinda wake-up hormone.

I am frustrated!

It's because one thing is that I don't have internet connection at my own place and that now I am forced to go to a place like this to do my "work".

I am still struggling to find the perfect way to make money via the internet.

It feels that I am failing but what my Mentor Adam Khoo always keep telling me is that there is no failure, just a Learning Experience.

Even if one where to get an F grade in a test, it is not a failure but a Learning Experience that one must understand that in order not to get an F grade in the future, one must do the opposite of what one does when one gets an F.

Adam taught me the Ultimate Success Formula(USF):

I know that I am not getting any closer to my GOAL because my STRATEGY is just not quite right. And that I know that I need to CHANGE my STRATEGY.

But like what Bob Proctor said, "People know what they need to do, but they just refuse to do it. That is why they don't achieve success!"

I know that if I want to earn US$10,000.00/month in the year 2008, I must start to sell something, right?

But I did not do that properly and that is why I am still broke now.

I thought that if I were to go by the way of Stone Evan's "Plug-in Profits System(PIPS)", I would be seeing my US$10,000/month dream come true.

Boy! Was I wrong!

Talk about "Multiple Streams of Income"! What I got was Multiple Streams of Headaches!

Enough was enough.

I even went to focus on SFI ( and that I'll focus on it's spin-off ( Again, it was the same thing:

I was spending more money than what I was earning!

I was tired of this Spend-More-Earn-Less(SMEL) Internet Business Model!


At the last quarter of 2008, I went and made a decision to setup a new business on the internet that I hope will work and that was when I joined the Work For 3 Dollars program(W4$3).

I was now looking for the Spend-Less-Earn-More(SLEM) Internet Business Model.

I am sort of successful with W4$3 in the sense that I've earned back my initial investment of US$3.00. Trouble was, the SLEM model needs a lot of effort.

Effort like looking for leads/prospects using FREE tools like free/credit based Safelists, Traffic Exchanges, Social Networking websites like Yuwie, My Space, Facebook, etc.

Did I say that I got back my initial investment of US$3.00? Trouble is, I've still yet to earn anything after that!

I thought that it was going to be very easy to market it and get thousands of referrals without much effort.

I was wrong!

So now I am in Year 2009 and I am coming closer to the 1st quarter period. What am I to do to earn an income?

If you guess: "Get out and get a job?" - You're RIGHT!

So, I'm now waiting for my Work VISA to work out so that I can work for this local Malaysian company: AUDECOM.

If I look at Adam's USF, what I have done for year 2008 was that I kept doing the same thing over and over again and I hope that I could achieve my goal. Even though I want on different Internet Marketing programs, I was still doing the same thing, that is: the stuff that I was doing was still Internet Marketing/Web Based Business.

So, now, I CHANGE my STRATEGY and that I am going out to work for someone and earn an income.

More on this next time.