Saturday, July 18, 2009

Day 18: Learn Faster!!!


One of things about Internet Marketing(IM), or the term that I personally love to use: Internet Based Business(IBB), that can drive a ‘newbie’ nuts is that there is a lot of materials to read.

It is just like back in the school days, especially my Secondary School(High School) days, when I had 8 subjects to learn every week.

I bet that you’d like to know what my 8 subjects are, eh?

  1. English as 1st language
  2. Malay as 2nd language
  3. Mathematics (A Syllabus)
  4. Mathematics (D Syllabus)
  5. Literature
  6. Biology
  7. Science (Physics + Chemistry)
  8. Islamic Religious Knowledge

Not to mention that we had to do ECA(Extra Curricular Activities) which usually needs the student to do 1 Club + 1 Sport or just 1 Uniformed Group like Boys Brigade or Boy’s Scouts etc.

Imagine that you had to finish reading 8 textbooks every week and you also had to go thru exercise classes to get your body fit!

I think that’s why there were some people who still get recurring nightmares about their secondary school’s leaving examinations even until today. (Yours truly, included)

Why do we have to go thru this? I feel that life’s education system is so unfair! And to top it off, some of the things that you learn you don’t use it when you are an adult!

Anyway, I digress.

I’m feeling the pressure of my childhood schooldays nowadays.

I’ve got so much things to learn about my IM/IBB plus I have to put it into action that if I were to write down all the things that I have to do, I believe that it will look like this:

The above chart is courtesy of Rich Schefren of who I admire dearly because of his reports that he have a habit of giving it away for free.

And his reports is incredibly insightful and earth shaking because many who reads it behaves differently after reading them.

Plus, Rich has a philosophy of giving away your best products for free and make money anyway from something else.

More on Rich at a later post or you can know more about it from this website:

Today is Day 18 and I think that by this stage, I should have accumulated close to half or if not more of my targeted $1000.00 isn’t it?

So far, I’ve got something like USD170.00 from TGAPS(Tissa Godavitarne ACME People Search) System.

And I’ve spent USD(29.95+10.00+10.00+10.00) = USD59.95

Now, if I hit USD200.00 from GTAPS, then I’d get my money transferred to PayPal. (That means that I get paid.)

I’m short of USD30.00 for TGAPS

From GDI, I’m going to get USD2.00/mth because of the 2 signups that I have.

So, if things don’t change as it is, I’d be looking at –USD57.95 in my PayPal account.

If I get 2 more signups for GTAPS/TGAPS before the end of this month, I’d get USD202.00.

So, my plan now is to get 2 more signups for GTAPS/TGAPS before the end of this month, so that I’d get USD202.00.

Plus, I’ve read Joseph Then’s report about “How to Make $100 in One Week”, and I’m already doing the first steps of the method discussed by him and I am sure I’ll be getting that $100 within 7 days.

Wish me luck!

Alief Hamdani


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