Monday, August 10, 2009

Day 41: I'm behind with 30DC!


My parents came to my house for a visit and even though it was only for the weekend(Friday-Sunday), it was enough to put me 5 days behind in my 30DC.

Now, this doesn't make sense of course because Friday to Sunday is only 3 days. So how did I miss 5 days worth of training and action steps?

That's why logic sometimes cannot explain reality sometimes because even though my parents came on Friday, I was busy on Thursday setting up the house so that it looks presentable.

And whilst Wednesday I was going thru the 30DC training, I was doing day 4's training. Which because of the time difference, I was doing it on Day 5 here in Malaysia.

So, I am actually 1 day ahead of the training release dates but because of the time difference, I can only do the training after the next day. So a delay ensues and it looks like I am very very late.

However, all is not lost as I have a firm belief that I can catch up and be on time for 30DC.

Shawn Phillips of released a blog about the power of BELIEF.

Click here:

And Shawn is one mentor that I really like to emulate!


Alief Hamdani
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