Sunday, October 25, 2009

Day 25: Free - The Past And Future of a Radical Price.


I've just read..... or should I say, HEARD, one of the 21st century most important books and I am sure will remain in the top 100 NY Times Bestseller List for many many months.

This book talks about the radical shift of how companies are doing business now, and how the internet is playing a huge role in the success or failure of corporations.

It is definitely a successor to The Long Tail which interestingly is written by the same author: Chris Anderson.

It discusses the idea of $0.00(free) and how past corporations and future trends may use this as a way of starting up a new company or saving an old company from failure!

Or whoever that wants to be successful!

Or, you can get the audio version of the book (audio-book version) or mp3 version here:

I've very excited about this book because it gives me a sudden feeling of purpose that the idea of getting all of our most important things in life for free is becoming a reality. 

This idea of absolute $0.00 for all of our life's needs came to me when I was watching Star Trek: The Next Generation, many years ago, where one of the episode reveals to us that the economy of the world does not depend on money but that everything is free for all. 
Mankind does not pursue money anymore to achieve success, but pursue education in all manner of fields and that the most educated person is the most successful one.

It is an impossible paradigm when I heard it for the first time, but none-the-less, I held on to it like a dream that one day, it will be fulfilled and that all things that has a price today will be priced $0.00 in the near future!

Can this paradigm shift occur now?

I believe it can and I hope that I will be one of the many who will instill this possibility by teaching people how this can be done.

Firstly, it has something to do with your mind!

More of such posts to come, and in the meantime, checkout my free e-book site where I'll be throwing in a bonus on how to get your free Napoleon Hill - Think and Grow Rich book.

Live Life With Passion!

Alief Hamdani
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