Tuesday, September 23, 2008

In my pursuit of HAPPINESS!

It is almost a year since I blogged about what I want and all that time since, I have not achieved what I really want.

So I ask myself one more time: "What do I really want?"

It is not MONEY.

Money in itself does nothing if the value of it falls beyond recognition or usefulness.

At the moment, Financial Indices all around the world is suffering great losses and their country's money value is being hit badly.

Take for instance the US dollar. It's value now is lower than before and smart people are looking at the Euros instead.

Now imagine that money looses its value and people do not want to use it as a means of exchange, what happens?

Like, imagine that there is a person who has accumulated an impossible amount of MONEY and then no one is willing to take his money because of some catastrophic reasons.

Could people revert back to barter trading?

If civilizations collapse, then money institutions will follow suit and mankind may revert back to the old ways of economics.

Imagine that someone manages to shut off the power switch to all electrical-computational devices and people have no way of accessing their money in their bank accounts and/or banks suddenly lost all their data....

This may not logically happen because every countries banks have solid infrastructure and back-up systems that such a calamity does not happen.

But what if an act of God happens and financial institutions just shut down.

This is what is currently happening and governments are rushing to fight the fire.

What if REALLY, MONEY dies?

There is a story of how the Prophet was given a whole wagon load of emeralds, rubies, gold pieces, precious stones, etc but he took it to the back of a hill in the desert, spoke a prayer and it all turned into dust.

Did this incident happened? I'm not sure but I read about it in the book called "Muhammad: The Messenger of Islam, His Life and Prophecy" by the late
Hajjah Amina Adil.

I also hear stories about the Prophet that he will feel uneasy at night, unable to sleep when he knows that there is some dirham or money in his house because it is his habit to give all of his money to the poor and/or needy and not keep a single dirham in his house.

Hearing stories such as these about the Prophet makes me think about the importance of money and how I should conduct myself concerning it.

I believe that MONEY is not the issue here but my feelings of happiness.

I am in the pursuit of HAPPINESS that MONEY is just a tool or medium for me to get it.

Still, if I am not careful, I may stray from my PATH and forget that it is God that provides rez'k and not any one else.

Others are just channels.

My wife has a great explanation about being wealthy: "It is when one knows that he/she is not in the state of unhappiness. That one is living a life fulfilled. Even though others may call him/her poor."

I'm beginning to think that it is just a feeling. A state of mind.

From Rhoda Byrne's movie: "The Secret", I am told about the attitude of "feel good" and "a deep sense of gratitude".

I believe that this is key and that having a deep sense of gratitude about a lot of things because of the Creator should bring the believer ever closer to his/her goals.

Is this what I am in pursuit of now? Is monetary wealth important to me or is there something else?

Is it: "To feel God's pleasure in me?"

Will in my pursuit of happiness, I'll achieve God's "re'da" in me?

Will then I achieve wealth unimaginable because I observe that God's "face" is in view of me? That He is happy with me and that He is showering me with blessings.

Will then the thought of MONEY not important to me that I could leave it turning into dust and I am not fearful of it?

MONEY is important to me BUT not as important as to God's will onto me. And in order that I know what is God's will in me, I must have the knowledge of WHAT IS IT that God is willing me to do?

Well then now...... may my constant feeling of GRATITUDE never fails!