Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Johnny the Bagger.

I hate reading emails.

Do you too?

But once in a while, an email comes my way that makes my life feel like it makes perfect sense.

Here is a link i got from my email from www.simpletruths.com that it felt like it is my God given duty to share it with you.

It will bring you to a 3 minutes movie that'll inspire you about the story of a person with Down's Syndrome who works at his neighborhood grocery store and what he does every day that makes a difference to other people's lives.

Not to mention the ever increasing profits that he brings to his employer.

Click here to go to the movie.

Enjoy. And remember to always do things from the heart!


My Apple iPad Unboxing!

Ha ha ha....

Got you there didn't I?

Nope, I didn't get the iPad and film the unboxing and the narration etc. but I saw this really cool "... voyeuristic and vicarious ..." version on YouTube that I felt compelled to share it with you.

BTW, this video could be inappropriate for youngsters or youngsters at heart because of its "... voyeuristic and vicarious ..." nature. It means that there will be the use of the word "porn" and "pornographic" etc.

So, if you are uncomfortable with "... voyeuristic and vicarious ..." theme's please sip the video.

For those who are adult enough to process such tiltilations please proceed.

It is all in good clean fun anyway.

You see, this version pointed out something really significant at 3:45 mins of the footage where unlike most computers in the market, the Apple iPad needs to be synced with your iTunes account!

If you don't have an iTunes account and/or have a computer (PC or Apple) to sync the iPad with, you won't be able to use it.


So, to add to my previous post about what I think about the iPad: iPAD SUCKS?!

  1. Where is the camera for video conferencing or SKYPE-ing?
  2. Where is the SD card slot? 
  3. Where is the USB port?

  4. Why is there no multitasking?
  5. Why iPad's internet browser(SAFARI mobile) doesn't support Flash?
  6. Why I can't use the iPad straight out of the box but that I need to sync it with iTunes via a PC or Apple computer?
I bet that Apple would have a current solution/response for points 2, 3, 5, and 6.

Apple's imaginary response to:

Question #2 & #3 (Where is the SD & USB card slot?):

There is an adapter that you can buy to convert the iPad Dock connector to SD, USB and even VGA for projectors or flat screen TVs. 

Either get the iPad Camera Connection kit: 
    Or the iPad VGA Adapter: 

    Question #5 (Why iPad's internet browser(SAFARI mobile) doesn't support Flash?):

    That's because Apple supports a new industry standard that will beat Flash called HTML 5.

    Question #6 (Why I can't use the iPad straight out of the box but that I need to sync it with iTunes via a PC or Apple computer?):

    That's because there could have been a new software/OS or vulnerability patch that was not included before the iPad was boxed. 

    Question #1 & #4 (Why no camera and no multi-tasking?):

    Because of the low pricing policy of Apple to let many people afford the iPad, the camera and multi-tasking capabilities were stripped away and multi-tasking processes always drains more battery that would shortened the 10 hour long battery life.

    If the price to performance ratio of camera and multi-tasking procesor were to improve, future iPads would definitely come with built-in cameras and multi-tasking processors and more longer lasting batteries.

    Ok, folks. That is all I have for today's post.

    Till, next time!