Monday, July 6, 2009

Day 6: Tissa Godavitarne


There are many people in the Internet Marketing(IM) World who calls themselves Gurus and promise to teach interested members how to make money on the internet by following their methodologies.

Then, there are those who don't call themselves gurus but still do the same thing.

Then, there are those who are anti-gurus and they seem to act like experts in the IM World and do the same thing.

Ande, all of the above mention gurus/non-gurus/experts in IM World would do the same thing and that they will sell you something like an e-book or membership for some form of training and they'd teach you to sell to your friends/relative/colleagues the same things that they have sold you for a commission.

And then, some people wonder how do these people make money?

Then, there is Tissa Godavitarne who I feel is the real deal because he want's you to succeed not by buying anything from him but by setting your own Affiliate Marketing System which he is going to share with you how he does it and it is up to you to follow.

He is like a really nice guy and i want you to judge him yourself by visiting this 2 links.

The first is a video:

The second is this website:

I hope that you learn something from here and take massive actions to make something worthwhile!


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Day 5: Twitter!


I think that I may have made a mistake with how I am using my Twitter account to promote my Internet Based Business: GDI-Twitter-ACME-People-Search(GTAPS) Business System.

I have just read a posting from Administrator about how
members should or should not do on Twitter whilst using

Here is the reproduction:
Notes From The Administrator

Date Created: 05-20-2009 To: All Affiliates
Don't Do This, Please.
Do not repeatedly tweet the same message on your Twitter account, or on
several Twitter accounts with your affiliate link.

Not only will you annoy your followers, and lose followers. By repeatedly
tweeting the same message you are violating Twitter's spam rules, and you
could get your Twitter account suspended.

You will NEVER make sales by annoying people. Never. Don't do it.

Date Created: 03-09-2009 To: All Affiliates
How To Promote TweetLater
With TweetCockpit, I hear everything that's being said on Twitter about
TweetLater. I frequently see your tweets come by that contain your
affiliate link. :-) Some folks even retweet them for you. Gives me a good
chuckle. LOL

That's a good way to promote TweetLater, but it's not the method that's
going to get you the most conversions and earn you the most money.
The three primary keywords you must remember when it comes to conversions
are: Authenticity, Trust, and Personal Experience.

Think of most TV ads. They show (supposedly) real people telling you how
they used and benefited from the product. That's no accident. It's
because that method works.

Tweeting your affiliate link may drive visitors to the TweetLater site
via your link, but you can expect to have a rather poor conversion rate
(signups and upgrades versus number of visitors).

The best way to promote TweetLater is to follow the simple process I've
outlined below:

1) Use TweetLater and TweetLater Professional yourself. If you can't
afford to upgrade, at the very least do the free 7-day trial.

2) Make notes of what you like about both Free and Professional as you
use it. If you can keep stats of how much time it saves you, or other
ways it benefits you, even the better. Take screenshots that you can
illustrate if you know how to do graphics, or capture a video if you can
do that. Folks love videos.

3) Then write a blog post where you tell your visitor how YOU have used
TweetLater, and how YOU have benefited from it. If you don't already have
a blog, then write a Squidoo lens, or a Hubpages page, or create a blog, a Blogger blog, or a blog.

Doesn't matter, just get it up somewhere. It's not important if your page doesn't rank in
Google. You just want a landing page that contains your first-hand (and
listen) authentic personal experience with TweetLater. On this page,
include your affiliate link in several places (make it easy for the
visitor to find and click on your affiliate link).

4) Now write your tweets and send your DMs, but don't put your affiliate
link in them, put a link to your landing page in them. And tell the folks
why they should go to that page and read what you have written. Something
like, "How TweetLater saves me 2 hours every single day: [link]", or
"Here's my first-hand experience with TweetLater: [link]". Now it becomes
much easier for you to invite folks, because you're not just sending them
off to a distant site, you are in a sense inviting them in for a cup of
tea (your landing page) and telling them your own personal story. It
smells much less like sales, and your visitors will have lowered their
guard, which we all put up when we smell a sales pitch.

Why will this increase your conversions?

It tells a personal story. Your story. (Remember the TV ads?) On the
TweetLater pages, I can only tell folks how they CAN use TweetLater. On
your landing page, you can tell folks how you HAVE used and ARE using
TweetLater, and how it helps and benefits you every single day. People
will far easier identify with your story.

When people come to TweetLater via your landing page, with your story
fresh in their minds, it will be much easier for them to visualize how
TweetLater will benefit them. And that's the process that you really want
to trigger, namely their own visualization and imagination. Accomplish
that, and you have an almost guaranteed upgrade.

With this two-step process (point people to your landing page, and from
there to TweetLater), you may send fewer folks on to TweetLater (some
won't make it past your landing page), but that does not matter. The
number of visitors is not as important as how ready the visitors are to
buy when they get to TweetLater. It's better to send 20 people, of whom
50% (10) upgrade, than to send 200 people of whom 2% (4) upgrade.

If (when) you have a landing page, feel free to send me the link to and ask me to take a look at it. I'll be happy
to help you where I can.

Best regards,

Dewald Pretorius

Date Created: 02-27-2009 To: All Affiliates
Who Is Your Target Market?
Joe or Mary who has one Twitter account and just chats with a handful of
followers is probably not going to need TweetLater Professional.

To get the best bang for your promotional efforts, focus on the following

- Internet marketers
- Marketing professionals in general
- Businesses
- Bloggers who want to spread the content of their blogs with Blog Feed accounts
- People with multiple Twitter accounts
- Heavy users of Twitter, even if they have only one account
- Anyone else who can save time and become more productive with our tools


Some of you may be thinking that what will Alief be doing next?

I'm going to do what the maker of is suggesting and create
a special blog just like what he says above.

This blog is supposed to be Day 5's but as you and I may have noticed, I
am a day late because I usually type my blogs late at night and usually after 12 midnight.

I really want to do more of my work early in the morning but so far, I have not been able to do so because of family reasons.

This situation is like no different if I am away at my last job(roughly 10am to
10pm) and then do my internet marketing(IM) work after that(usually 12am
to 3am).

But, this has got to change as I REALLY WANT to make this work.

I can list a lot of reasons why working from home or working for yourself
is the best way to make a living.

More on this later.




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