Tuesday, December 28, 2010

What if....?

What did the man above, TIME magazine, calls Person of the Year, did to earn him this honor? 

Thursday, December 23, 2010

What's happened to me; could it happen to you too?

I feel like my life went from bottom to top and then back to bottom again.

I wonder if I'll ever be at the top of the "fountain" or will I always be stuck swimming at the same spot "trying" to get back at the 'jet-stream' so that I am back in the game and going up-and-up?!

Let's take a look at my IPPT score from Tuesday, 21st December 2010:


And there was a time, sometime 5 years ago when I think that I'll never become OBESE again and that I'll be able to get IPPT Gold Awards every year. 

Take a look at how I look now: 

And that I looked like this once: 

I thought that I would go through these 3 stages: 

Even Better

Never did I imagine myself becoming this:

It's like Back-To-The-Future for me. 

BUT... I am determined to make the year 2011 a really GREAT year for me. 

I drew this in my notebook, when I had a quiet time by myself, over lunch, one day, in December 2010:

This is what I was taught about the Ultimate Success Formula by Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group(AKLTG).