Friday, July 3, 2009

Day 2: How?


Last night, I was typing away at my 2nd entry into my blog and all of a sudden, all of that 1 hours work suddenly went away.

I sat in front of my laptop, stunned!

I was so sleepy and so tired yesterday night/early morning because of my efforts to make my on-line business successful, plus I had to put time aside to do the off-line stuff so that my finances/expenses is well covered.

Folks, I am not typing this blog to condemn anyone nor any company as what I've written is very general. I did not mention at all what my last company's name was!

Most people that I know of who wants to succeed in their life is because of the frustrations that they went through and one of them is sometimes because of their not so good working experience.

They decide to work in a new environment that is better than the last. Or at least work in a situation that gives them the comfort that they seek.

Folks, aren't I right to say that we only keep doing what we do because it is providing us the comfort that we seek? Whether it is sooner or later, isn't it?

If a farmer decides to plant a crop that yields only after a year, should he be criticized?

I have said that I am going to be thankful for the state that I am in and that I am going to have this Attitude of Gratitude.

I am thankful that there exist a company that I have left that is providing a means of income for a handful of people.

I am thankful that there are people who takes the right way of earning their income.

I am thankful that I received training in selling a product that I feel is hard to sell but I see other people who are really excellent in it do it so simply and excel in it. And that I learn from them how they did it.

I am thankful for the comments that people have given me where I have vetted and decided to publish even though it may sound negative.

But I don't see it as a negative comment but a constructive one.

I am thankful for the anonymous comments that has been sent to me. I wonder why it is sent anonymously rather than with a name and contact info so that I can keep in touch with that person.

I believe that there are many people who don't believe in dreams and that dreamers are people who sit around doing nothing and hope that their dreams come true.

That is partly true.

One should not only dream or visualize the goal that they want to attain but also to take MASSIVE actions to make that dream a reality.

If someone thinks that I am just sitting around and doing nothing but just dreaming, that person should be the one to "Wake up!".

How people goes about their business is their their business and that is why there are people who grows things and that there are people who takes that which is grown, and make it better.

Should not that person who makes it better be rewarded justly?

Yes, rezki is in the "hands" of Allah and that we don't just sit around and pray and dhikr / say mantras and hope that big money comes to me without carrying out any active actions that can enable us to receive that rezki.

What have you done today to receive that is rightfully yours?


I apologize for blurting all of these that may seem has nothing to do with my on-line business. I wish for you who is reading this that running an online business is not very different from running an offline one.

What you see out there still applied here, buddy!

So, today, which is supposed to be Day 3 entry is Day 2.

So let this Day 2 be that: Day 2.

Take a look at Day 3 folks!