Monday, December 7, 2009

Day 6: Laziness.

"Start your day with a dose of gratitude." - Cruz Ramirez.

I remembered that I wrote something in Day1 blog that I was committed to my success and that I will be going through T. Harv Ecker's 90 Day Wealth Conditioning Program.

To date, I still have not done so because like what someone said to me: "Life gets in the way of success."

I'm feeling really terrible today because I feel like a failure. I just had a bad time at the supermarket with the wife and she said and did things that made me feel really dumb!

I hate this feeling like I am not worth anything. I feel really dejected that I do not have a stable income and that I am living day to day on borrowed time and money.


I am going through T. Harv Ecker's 90 Day Wealth Conditioning Program and I am going to play catchup. Like how I am behind in my homework, I am going to do 6 days stuff tonight.

And, I am going to focus really really hard about what I want to do to achieve a 4 figure income this month.

I know that I am going to have to earn a 4 figure salary every month and I know that that is what I have to do or else life SUCKS!


I just got on SKYPE with a friend of mine who really did a great job of helping me out with my insides.

Thanks, Cruz!

And it is all about what you feel inside that matters and if you don't feel good, you just have to do something that makes you feel thankful about anything.

The secret or key to being successful is to have this feel good feeling inside and that is achievable when you have an ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE!

With Passion and Gratitude,


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Day 1: Samsung OMNIA.


I have just acquired a new handphone and it's a SAMSUNG OMNIA!

What a blessing it is as i always had a wish to get myself a handphone like the OMNIA.

I was actually planning to save up to get an Apple iPhone 3GS but suddenly, here in my hand is an equivalent!

This is all thanks to my wife who managed to get it at a special price!

Even though it is a second hand version, it is working perfectly!

The OS is a Microsoft Windows Mobile ver. 6.1 and i'm familiar with it because i have a Personal Digital Assistant(PDA) that runs on an earlier version so using the OMNIA is a relative breeze.

This is so ironic because i sort of manifested my intention to get myself something like the OMNIA after APPLE improved the iPhone's OS (with cut and paste) and then later with the launch of the iPhone 3GS.

I think the manifestation process became more stronger when i saw a good friend of mine using the new iPhone at a seminar we both attended recently.

I thought to myself that if he can get one, there should be No reason why i can't either!

Also, i believe that the seminar also helped unlock this special ability that whatever we want, we simply have to 'attract' it to us. And when the opportunity arrives, one must take action immediately!

The seminar that i attended lately was T. Harv Ecker - MMI(Millionaire Mindset Intensive).

And it is really a mind blowing experience that i believe will stay with me for a very long time!

I'm writing this blog entry using the OMNIA because that was also a wish of mine that i can type my blogs using a handphone.

Now that i can do this, I am grateful for this opportunity.

I believe that whatever success lessons that i've been taught and that i will commit to applying it daily for the rest of my life will make me achieve success.

Just like what T. Harv Ecker said,

"You aint seen nothing yet!"

Incidently, part of this blog was written using the Samsung OMNIA and from this point on, it is from my ACER Aspire One D250 Netbook.

On a serious note, I just realize that I went through November without writing a single blog post!

This is bad as I was supposed to journal what I am doing that is making me reach closer to earning a consistent income from the internet doing Internet Marketing.

So far, I'm still earning inconsistent income and one that I am committed to stop doing by the end of December 2009 and focus that I keep earning that amount even without me doing anything.

In the month of November 2009, I attended several seminars and/or workshops and I realize that I do have great potential in doing whatever that I want to do and earn a huge income from it.

I realize that the key to success is never giving up and keep on at it again and again and learning more and more and change strategy until I get the results that I want.

T. Harv Ecker said it very clearly that if you want to know if you are doing something right, just look at the results.

I loved his seminar that I attended in November and one of his most famous sayings is:


I respect that man and how he is living his dharma of changing people's mindset about money.

And folks, I believe that I have this problem of not achieving my goals because of my Financial Mindset.

My Financial Blueprint is messed up and I need to get it changed before I get to achieve the success that I am aiming for.

So, from today onwards, I am committed to learn as much as I can about what rich people do that can make me rich!

I have been given the materials and teachings of T. Harv Ecker and I am committed to go through his 90 days Millionaire Mindset workbook and committed to making the next 90 days the best 90 days of my life.

I am committed to grow in the next 90 days starting from today and that I believe with all the fiber of my being that the next few days will be the defining moments of my life where I will emerged changed and becoming a winner!

Today will be day one and I am committed to this path of success.

With Passion and Gratitude!


Sunday, October 25, 2009

Day 25: Free - The Past And Future of a Radical Price.


I've just read..... or should I say, HEARD, one of the 21st century most important books and I am sure will remain in the top 100 NY Times Bestseller List for many many months.

This book talks about the radical shift of how companies are doing business now, and how the internet is playing a huge role in the success or failure of corporations.

It is definitely a successor to The Long Tail which interestingly is written by the same author: Chris Anderson.

It discusses the idea of $0.00(free) and how past corporations and future trends may use this as a way of starting up a new company or saving an old company from failure!

Or whoever that wants to be successful!

Or, you can get the audio version of the book (audio-book version) or mp3 version here:

I've very excited about this book because it gives me a sudden feeling of purpose that the idea of getting all of our most important things in life for free is becoming a reality. 

This idea of absolute $0.00 for all of our life's needs came to me when I was watching Star Trek: The Next Generation, many years ago, where one of the episode reveals to us that the economy of the world does not depend on money but that everything is free for all. 
Mankind does not pursue money anymore to achieve success, but pursue education in all manner of fields and that the most educated person is the most successful one.

It is an impossible paradigm when I heard it for the first time, but none-the-less, I held on to it like a dream that one day, it will be fulfilled and that all things that has a price today will be priced $0.00 in the near future!

Can this paradigm shift occur now?

I believe it can and I hope that I will be one of the many who will instill this possibility by teaching people how this can be done.

Firstly, it has something to do with your mind!

More of such posts to come, and in the meantime, checkout my free e-book site where I'll be throwing in a bonus on how to get your free Napoleon Hill - Think and Grow Rich book.

Live Life With Passion!

Alief Hamdani
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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Day 5: Making money without costing a single cent.


Does making money for free without you having to spend a single cent appeal to you?

If it does, then continue reading.

Otherwise, look up a book called "Free: The Future of a Radical Price" by Chris Anderson.

You'd be AMAZED!

So.... I am supposed to be on Day 97 but today, I am going to change the way that I do my Internet Marketing(IM) biz.

I'm going to go about it in increments of 30 days as I was inspired by Ed Dale's 30DC(Thirty Day Challange).

So.... today should be Day 1 but for the sake of simplicity, I'm calling todays blog, Day 5.

Actually, I was going to put this blog up on October 1, 2009, but because of the Eid festivities, I got dalayed until today.

So.... what I am going to blog about is my 30 Days adventure to making my 1st dollar on "free" programs.

And when I say "free" programs, I mean doing something or anything on the internet that does not cost you a single cent but allows you to earn a comfortable income like say 4 figures every month.

Today, I am about to share with you a system called the "PowerBarClub".

AND, this program really does not cost you a 'dime' to join but will allow you to earn up to a 5 figure income within 30 days.

Enough said, here is the link to the PowerBar and for more info, just watch the short videos.

Click here:

Live with Passion!

Alief Hamdani
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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Day 62: 30DC.


The 30 Day Challenge is over.

The most important question is:

What have I gotten out of it?


I am still doing what I’ve always been doing and that is I am still jumping from one opportunity to another to another etc etc.

It is like I am on my yacht, and I keep on changing my heading from one “paradise” direction to another “paradise” direction and I am really feeling stretched.

I remembered that I went and did 30DC because I felt that it is the best Internet Marketing training that is very real, without hype and B.S. for nothing.

The contents are really like a $1,997.00 training!

Now that it is over and I am looking at my 30DC journal, what have I done?


I only managed to digest up to Day 4 and I was about to do Day 5 on the 22nd Aug which should have been
Day 21 DC!

So, what went wrong?

I can give hundreds of excuses like my baby daughter was sick, and my wife kept asking me to do other things and like she is not respecting my time needed to do my IM stuff, and I had to look for a car because the one that I am having has to be given back to its owner, and etc etc etc.

Excuses, excuses, excuses…..

I imagine myself if I am Tony Robbins in his early stage of development and whether he faced the same life-hurdles as I have?

Perhaps….. I am not sure because I do not know him very well… although I wished that I have…..
Tony talked in his latest video with John Reese and Frank Kern about him burning his bridges and that he gave himself no opportunity to turn back to where he was before.

I wonder if I should do the same?.

The pertinent question is: What kind of bridge(s) should I burn?

His latest video interview is really a wake up call to people like myself who is struggling with his IM business.

Go take a look here:

as well as the Tony Robbins and John Reese one here:

Really….. I feel like September 2009 is just around the corner and I really want to take his advice: Get with a program and stick with it until you get the results that you want!

Be certain!

His key was CERTAINTY and I felt like there was a calling when I came across this website that explains the Science of Getting Rich and that people become rich because they do things in a CERTAIN WAY to become rich.

And that CERTAIN WAY has something to do with having an Attitude of Gratitude!

I have started with this attitude even though every morning I feel like I have to drag that attitude out of my system, but after the “warm up”, I feel it gets easier.

One of the ways is that when I start-up my UMPC(Ultra Mobile Personal Computer), I will always click on this icon to read the “Optimist Creed”

Here is the reproduction:
The Optimist Creed.
I promise myself:
To be strong that nothing can disturb my peace of mind.
To talk health, happiness, and prosperity to every person I meet.
To make my friends feel that there is something worthwhile in them.
To look at the sunny side of everything and make my optimism come true.
To think only of the best, to work only for the best,
And to expect only the best.
To be just as enthusiastic about the success of
Others as I am about my own.
To forget the mistakes of the past and press on to the
Greater achievements of the future.
To wear a cheerful expression at all times and give a smile
To every living creature I meet.
To give so much time to improving myself that I
Have no time to criticize others.
To be too large for worry, too noble for anger, too strong for fear,
And too happy to permit the presence of trouble.
To think well of myself and to proclaim to the world,
Not in loud words, but in great deeds.
To live in the faith that the whole world is on my side,
So long as I am true to the best that is in me.
Christian D. Larson


So all of this is really nice.

But, what is it that I am going to do in September 2009 that will take me to the place that I really want to be?

That is on the road to financial security.

That I earn an income that is comfortable that me & my wife don’t have to feel fearful about how we spend because we have enough and that we feel secure.

I think that for now, the target RM1,500.00 per month is a realistic figure and that is equivalent to USD425.00.

So, that is my target and what I am going to do within 24 to 48 hours is to find a program that I may already have that I don’t have to spend any money on that will allow me to earn USD425.00 by the end of September 2009 and every month after that!

That’s my target and that is what I am going to achieve from today henceforth!

Live with passion!


Alief Hamdani

Saturday, August 29, 2009



I just watched a video from a man I admire a lot: Anthony (Tony) Robbins.

Why I admire him a lot is because he went from Janitor to Peak Performance Advocate(also a multi-millionaire) in under 2.5 years!


In his latest video, he talks about one of the most important thing that makes or breaks a man to achieve success.

His video appears like a chance meeting with 2 Internet Marketing gurus: Frank Kern & John Reese.

It's kinda cute because it gives you this feeling like Tony will put aside some of his valuable time whilst filming for his own video seminar(s) to allow Frank and John to step in to make an impromptu recording.

Very clever!

Anyway,  the video is definitely a good view as Tony does his usual power-up manner of talking (that seems to cower John and Frank to sit quietly on their comfortable couch) and discusses some pertinent points as to why some people don't seem to be able to achieve the same level of success as they could.

Or, that there are many would be Internet Marketers who seems to behave like they are trying to earn a good income from the internet rather than making it a must to earn their dream income.

Here is the link that will reveal to you what is that "holy grail" of the human psyche that will make or break a man/woman to succeed or fail:

Right after my mind had captured that key concept to success, I suddenly felt a 'rema' to the word: CERTAINTY or to its mutation; like certain, certainly, etc.

I had just took action to create a 'squeeze page' of sorts so that I can giveaway  a free e-book and its corresponding audio.

I decided not to give any 'junk' e-book to people, but a book that I really treasure because it sort of made things happen until that fateful day where I achieved true awareness of myself.

The Heroes' Journey
"The Science of Getting Rich" by Wallace D. Wattles is the book that I am talking about that was published almost 100 years ago and contains elements that is still applicable now in our current era.

The book mention about "....doing things in a certain way..." that gave me that 'rema'.

And I was just musing myself with the thoughts that I am a traveler on a journey to a certain destination.

Click here to get your free e-book and its accompanying audio.

Or go to the top right hand corner of this blog and sign-up there.

"A Heroes' Journey" now comes into my mind as a concept that was introduced to me when I attended a course at AKLTG.

That everyone does go thru this Heroes' Journey one way or another.

You can get a free copy of Alvin Soon's version of "The Hero's Journey" here.

So, if you are a traveler on his/her way to a certain destination, why not join me in getting there and  achieving it together?

I leave you now with an interesting concept I found which I am going to write a review on it soon:

Project Lazy Boy

Do take a look at it and join it if you will because you will be doing yourself a favor as well as yours truly.


Alief Hamdani

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Day 51: Life is ....


Sometimes, I get this feeling that I'm going crazy or something and I feel like the whole WORLD is going against me!

Like when i want to find the time to do my work, there is always something in the way to prevent me from doing it like:
  1. A sudden lack of energy,
  2. A feeling of being "STUCK",
  3. Family commitments,
  4. An excuse,
  5. Etc etc etc

A Sudden lack of Energy

This is also known as that lethargic feeling that everyone feels especially after a big meal and you suddenly feel like you want to put your head down and go to sleep.

I usually feel like this after lunch and dinner especially.

I'm following this terrific guy: Shawn Phillips who had just published a book some time ago that discusses about his philosophy of STRENGTH For LIFE.

I like his work so much that I am drawn to his postings every Monday as he mentions about what having muscles means to him.

I think that he is the first Bodybuilder that takes the view of going to the gym and eating right and having a balanced amount of rest would do to a person's well being.

And that if everyone were to follow his philosophy of building the right body(his way of course), he or she would be successful in everything.


Actually, I believe in him as the saying goes: "My body is my temple."

So, if you were to treat your body right, you would do everything right.

Or, I would prefer to say: "If you were to treat your SELF right, then everything would be right."

This goes back to the Secret of life and that is to always "think positive" or always have an "Attitude of Gratitude".

Nick Vijucic terms it: "Attitude is Altitude".

And he is one person who really advocates positive attitudes in everything that you do.

If you take a look at his 4 Minutes 33 Seconds video, it'll explain it all.

A feeling of being "STUCK"

I get this a lot of times especially when there is millions of things to do and I am not sure which one to do first.

Family Commitments

This comes when all of a sudden, your significant-other-half decides to do something "important" and you have to drop everything that is "important" to you because you don't want WW3 to happen.

Seriously, this is unavoidable especially when you have your baby daughter sick with the fever at 2:00am and you have to go to the 24 hrs clinic for her to have her medicine.

An Excuse

This folks is what I call the reason for my procrastination and I always tell myself that it is alright to go play, because "all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy".

Or that there is something fantastic on the TV that needs my attention because if not, I'd miss my opportunity to understand why King Tut was murdered and that he didn't die of natural reasons.

Etc Etc Etc

This actually falls under the heading of "An Excuse".

So, the topic here is "Life is ...." whatever you make of it.

I want this year to be my most successful one because I don't want to fall into another trap of saying to myself that I didn't achieve my goal(s) because of etc etc etc.

I believe that if a person didn't succeed is because he/she just put down too many excuses for his/her failure.

I believe that a successful man is successful because he wants to succeed and that he made a commitment to succeed no matter what.

That doing his BEST is not good enough as opposed to doing what he is supposed to be doing.

Folks, I am frustrated at having my life dictated by someone/something else so I am now making a decision to succeed at my goal(s) no matter what it takes.

Here is a video about what inspired Sylvester Stallone to write his blockbuster movie: Rocky.


Alief Hamdani

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Day 44: My Musings....

"If you ask me what is the most important factor in online success, I’ll tell you it’s your commitment. Are you TRYING to make some money online or you MUST make money online?" - Kenneth Koh @


I subscribe to a mailing list of a very interesting Singaporean counterpart of mine named Kenneth Koh and he is one of the many Singaporeans who is making a comfortable income from the internet.

One of his recent blog post is about a TOTALLY free domain hosting company:

He found out about it after one of his friends asked him to help solve a technical problem.

Interestingly, he says that even though you can get a free webhosting account on the internet, he suggests that you shouldn't because of the fact that it is free and that internet marketers would loose their edge if they were to go about their on-line business whilst on the “free-path” as opposed to the “pay-as-you-go” path.

Sometimes, I like to use the analogy of the "Journey" as in "Life is a Journey. Where are you going?” concept.

As he puts it:

“Most beginners are not committed. If you are a newbie and you say you are 100% committed, you are lying. I’m quite sure about that!

Want to know how most beginners become committed? They become committed when their pockets hurt!”

What Kenneth means to say is that you will succeed if you are committed to your success if there is pain!

Pain of the fact that you might be losing all that money that you have invested in; so you keep telling yourself that you better deliver or else….

Also, a mentor of mine Adam Khoo did warn us that a partner to your success is a REAL partner if he/she is willing to put a stake in your business ie willing to invest in an equal amount of time & money in the business. Otherwise, that partner is not committed.

There is this very famous radio channel called: WII.FM that many successful people love to listen to and that most of the time, they play this song titled:

What’s In It For Me?

So, when Kenneth was discussing this aspect of commitment, I suddenly became stunned!

Like there was a “Rema”(self realization/awareness) happening to me!

Am I committed to my success?

Am I on the right road or way towards my journey to success?

Am I trying to earn an income from the internet or that I must earn an income from Internet Marketing?

Of course the right answer is that: I MUST earn an income from INTERNET MARKETING.

Why? Do I have a choice?

This brings me to the point of pain and pleasure; and that people would do something because it offers them the pleasure of fulfillment or the pain of non-fulfillment.

Like if I don’t earn an income at the end of this month of August 2009, I will not have any money to buy the daily necessities for myself AND my family.

Or, if I earn an income at the end of this month of August 2009, I will have money to buy the daily necessities for myself AND my family and perhaps if I earn more, I can treat myself to something that shows my subconscious mind that it earned a reward for a job well done.

I prefer the later because of the “pleasure” aspect of it.

However, looking at my previous blog posts, it appears that I have commitment issues.

It appears that I am fervent with my commitment in the beginning stage, but as the ‘thing’ drags on, I start to ‘taper off’ and ‘plunge’.

There was once I advised a good friend of mine who also had a commitment problem that his problem is that his ‘project’ was taking too long and he perceives it to be such a drag.

So how do one overcome boredom at something that can sometimes be monotonous?

I’m not sure but I think that one has to be creative isn’t it?

When I think about BODYCOMBAT when I was teaching it couple of years ago, I felt pressured because of the environment that I was in.

However, I always tell myself that, beyond the Plantar Fasciitis and the complaints from the members and the non-encouragement from my peers and loved ones and leaders and the little income I get, (I always get a kick from some participants who gave me positive feedback during class) it is all a setup for me for success.

I loved the feeling of being on stage and leading people in a group exercise regime. Especially when I see members who are inspired when I teach.

Those were the days…..

But, if I were to reflect on what I am doing now, I feel that the pleasure is not necessarily in the now but delayed. So, I clearly have to look forward to lots of delayed gratification .

Isn’t it?

So, I am on a journey towards success and my road is Internet Marketing and my vehicle is GDI(Global Domains International) – Twitter System.

Of course that there are others like: 30DC(Thirty Days Challenge) and John Blaze’s – 7 Days to Cash(7D2C) but so far, the one that I know that earns me income and is relatively passive is the GDI one.

7D2C is an active form of income because I have to do research, and then write articles, and then sell it to “the highest bidder”.

Whereas for GDI-Twitter System, it is totally passive. Of course I could go in and go active if I want.

Unfortunately, GDI-Twitter doesn’t seem to churn out a lot of ‘customers’ for me. There are a lot of potentials because of Twitter but honestly, most of my GDI-Twitter success is because of my other lead generation tactics.

So, I am really looking for something that is totally PASSIVE if there is one.

And I did find one. More on that later.

30DC, is more of a training system for newbies rather than for the experienced. But, I would like to put myself as a newbie because:

1. My income is not USD5,000.00 or more and
2. I am still scouring about like an Opportunity Seeker.

30DC helps those who are 100% business minded and will stay at their ‘game’ no matter what.

This is excellent for people who can afford both the time and money because they have a good enough ‘buffer’ in their savings account or they are working full-time and still have some extra time to kill and want to take that opportunity to earn extra.

The best thing about 30DC is that it is totally FREE training that other programs may charge you 4 figures or even 5!

What if the potential has:

1. No time? and
2. No money?

Meaning that he/she has no extra time to put aside to build a solid Internet Marketing business and no money aside to buffer his/her monthly expenditure as he/she is building that Internet Marketing business?

Wow! That is a tough one!

I remember this saying that goes:

“If the why is strong enough, the how will take care of itself.”

That means that if the potential has no time and money but he/she has a strong enough why, the how to solve the time & money issue will take care of itself.

Like if the question is like:

“Why do IM when I don’t have the time and money to do it?”

And the Why is:

“Why do IM? It is because if I don’t do it, my baby daughter will not have any milk to drink or if she falls sick, I do not have any money to pay the medical bills and thus so she might DIE!”

So the “strong enough” why here is:

No $$$ -> cannot buy milk and/or cannot pay medical bills for baby -> DIE!

Thus the how here would be that I’ll have to find the time to learn and do IM and I’ll have to beg, borrow or steal money in order to help finance my desire to succeed!

Now the question is what now? Where do I go from here?

Simple. Just by applying the USF(Ultimate Success Formula) my first step is to set a GOAL which I have and then formulate a STRATEGY which I have and then take massive ACTION.

What is my (SMART) GOAL?

S - Specific
M - Motivating
A - Achievable
R - Realistic
T – Time

I want to earn RM2,000.00 by the end of August 2009 from my Internet Marketing(IM) business that help teach other people learn how to earn an income from IM.

What is my plan of ACTION?

I plan to only focus on 1 IM activity that appears to be legitimate and has a proven track record in helping the ‘principal’ or Guru earn an income.

And that would be to follow John Blaze’s – 7 Days to Cash


That would be on the next blog of 31st August 2009.

In the meantime, here so far is an Intro blog for John Blaze’s - 7 Days to Cash.


Alief Hamdani
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Monday, August 10, 2009

Day 41: I'm behind with 30DC!


My parents came to my house for a visit and even though it was only for the weekend(Friday-Sunday), it was enough to put me 5 days behind in my 30DC.

Now, this doesn't make sense of course because Friday to Sunday is only 3 days. So how did I miss 5 days worth of training and action steps?

That's why logic sometimes cannot explain reality sometimes because even though my parents came on Friday, I was busy on Thursday setting up the house so that it looks presentable.

And whilst Wednesday I was going thru the 30DC training, I was doing day 4's training. Which because of the time difference, I was doing it on Day 5 here in Malaysia.

So, I am actually 1 day ahead of the training release dates but because of the time difference, I can only do the training after the next day. So a delay ensues and it looks like I am very very late.

However, all is not lost as I have a firm belief that I can catch up and be on time for 30DC.

Shawn Phillips of released a blog about the power of BELIEF.

Click here:

And Shawn is one mentor that I really like to emulate!


Alief Hamdani
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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Day 36: Am I still a Newbie?


I've been doing Internet Marketing(IM) since December 2005 when I signed up for a weekend IM course runned by Mr Stuart Tan at AKLTG which was sort of an "underground event" because only the people associated with AKLTG who knew about it, signed up for it.

Then there was the Jumpstart-to-Internet-Profits which I took part as a coach/assistant to Stuart and then there was the multiple IM courses which I helped out and then there was a big IM event that was supposed to happed but was suddenly cancelled due to no-idea-why?

I speculate that the chief priciple trainer changed his mind not to associate himself with AKLTG thus pulled out at the last moment.

After that, I went on my own most of the time but did attend Stuart's subscriber's night that usually happens once a month.

I thought that was a brilliant idea!

Then, I got married and decided to settle here in Seremban, Negri Sembilan, Malaysia and I have not stepped foot in AKLTG for a very long time.

I did attend Stuart and Kloudiia's wedding one night and then, no more face-to-face.

God! I really miss AKLTG.

Anyway, I digress.... my intention for this blog is to ask the question whether I am doing my IM business correctly or am I still thinking like a newbie?

Is it possible for a person like myself who has put a lot of time and passion into IM that even after 3 plus years, he is still struggling to earn his dream income because his methods is still like that of a newbie.

Even after countless webinars, books, audios, videos, etc. he is still like that of a newbie I-Marketer?

My answer to that question is: If a newbie is someone who has not achieved his target income even after "x" amount of years has gone by, then yes, I am a newbie.

If a newbie is someone who keeps on learning about the new secrets and/or tactics of making profits from the internet, then that too is a yes.

If a newbie is someone who has a personality that is always inquring and then changing his strategy because the environment has changed, then that too is a yes.

If a newbie is that of an Opportunity Seeker vs Business Owner, then that too I am.

Folks, the last point is not a very good point to be proud of because one should be a Business Owner or like what Rich Schefren would put it: A Founder.

I would like to earn my success from the internet and like top I-Marketer like Ewen Chia, who hacked at his computer for 6 years until he cracked the IM code, I am on the right path.

Of course, some folks may have heard of successful I-Marketers who did it in record time like 6 months, I take my hat off to them but I would like to stay honest at what I do and I prefer to tell the people the truth.

I do agree now that I behave like a negative newbie or Opportunity Seeker because I am doing what I have always been doing and that is jumping from one program to the next and "buying" into the next best thing that it highly recommended by the IM Gurus.

Folks, you must understand the USF(Ultimate Success Formula) and that if you feel that there is a better strategy that you can take action on that would lead you to your ultimate goal, you must know that a ship does not sail in a strait like and that the pilot of the boat have to trim the wheel constantly.

So, that is what I am doing so that I would achieve my ultimate goal in Financial Abundance in IM by taking up this once a year training called 30 Day Challenge(30DC).

It may look like it is for a newbie but I want to be humble and I want to say that I don't know what I don't know so I am taking on the 30DC.

At the same time, my GDI-Twitter programme is definitly running but I will tune it from time to time.

Most definitly because I have learnt something new along the way and the business needs tweaking.

Also, because of this desperation for cash, I am considering John Blaze, 7 Days to Cash system.

So, currently, I am doing:

  1. GDI-Twitter Secret: Click here
  2. 30DC: Click here
  3. John Blaze - 7 Days To Cash: Click here
So, just these three.

I think that I better stop looking at anything else because I may get distracted by the phenomenon called "fear-of-loss" mentality.

The IM Gurus especially the good ones like Mike Filsaime, Russell Brunson, Shawn Casey, etc knows how to make you dance the Guru Mambo.

I think that the above 3 is enough and I have this fully geeling that they are a lot.

Folks, if you ask me which one you should do first, then let me say:
  • If you are an absolute newbie to IM, I strongly suggest 30DC.
  • If you have done IM for a while but am looking for something else for your portfolio, then choose GDI-Twitter.
  • If you are desperate for cash and needs guidance pronto, then choose John Blaze's 7 Days to Cash
Ok, folks. That is all I have for you tonight.

Cheers! and God Bless!

Alief Hamdani
(E-book: Under Construction)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Day 35: My 30 Day Challenge.


I really really hope that I am not making a mistake here.....

I have just committed to do Ed Dale's 30 Day Challange (30DC).

I am now at Day 3 of his 30DC and I feel that I am learning a lot!

I know that some of you may be asking about what has happened to GDI and GDI-Twitter and Tissa G's ACME-People-Search-Engine etc etc.

It is still running but I feel that Ed Dale's 30DC is something that only comes aroung once every year and that I have missed it 3 or 4 times already.

So, I am not letting this opportunity pass over me again.

Anyways, the 30DC is a free thing and you get to learn what someone else may have to pay $1,997.00 or more to learn.

Also, I feel that it will compliment my current Internet Marketing(IM) business.

I feel that it is something worth lots to do that actually don't cost you a lot.

Check it out:

Cheers! and God Bless!

Alief Hamdani
(E-book soon to come!)

Friday, July 31, 2009

Day 31: USD5,000 this month!


Yes! I've got RM15,000.00 injected into my accounts!

This is because I've successfully sold my school bus.

So, I've got something like USD4,262.00 as of today's exchange FOREX rates.


I know that some of you are reading this and may me incredulous, right?

I think some of you may have thought after reading the headlines that I've cracked the IM code and now earning USD5,000/mth, isn't it?

No. I've only earned it because of an off-line event that happened in my life.

Folks, you must know that money comes from all forms of channels.

I learn something about "rezki" and that I should look for it in permissible forms as much as humanly possible.

And that I should believe that "reski" comes from God and He will channel it in any forms from anywhere at anytime.

This is going to be a short blog for today and tomorrow, I'll be blogging about what my next step in my Internet Marketing(IM) career is going to be like.

Cheers! and God Bless!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Day 26: Need to stay focused!


I believe that everyone would face this “beast” many times in their lifetime!

This “beast” is one of the many reasons why so many newbie to Internet Marketing struggle to achieve their goal(s).

When they cannot achieve their goal(s), it is because of one of three things and that is:

1. They succumb to the “beast” and go off the ‘right’ path to follow another (wrong) path, did not , realized their mistake and they eventually reach the ‘point-of-no-return’, or

2. They succumb to the “beast” and go off the ‘right’ path to follow another (wrong) path, realized their mistake but does not return to the ‘right’ path; because of reasons such as fear and/or shame and they eventually reach the ‘point-of-no-return’.

3. They succumb to the “beast” and go off the ‘right’ path to follow another (wrong) path but realized their mistake and quickly return to the ‘right’ path; unfortunately, a certain amount of time has passed, or

Those who achieve their goal(s) is due to the fact that they did not succumb to the “beast”.

Such Internet Marketer has developed well trained “capabilities” to defeat or avoid the “beast”.

One’s “capabilities” can exist because of getting an excellent guide or the I-Marketer has developed it through Trial and Error or through constant mistakes and learning from them.

As the “beast” has the capability to transform itself to many forms, the successful Internet Marketer also has the ability to fend off its attacks with many disciplines.

One key capability of the successful Internet Marketer is the ability to stay FOCUSED on what tasks are the most important to undertake at the right time.

Internet Marketing is just like any REAL business (whether it is on-line or off).

Successful businesses become successful because of serious businessmen.

If one where to treat it otherwise, then the income will turn out to be a joke.

So, what is this “beast” that I am talking about?


This is one MONSTER that can be hard for me to put down as I always get myself caught in its grasp and it wouldn’t easily let me go.

However, I have learnt a lot since the beginning of 2006 on how to stay focused in my Internet Marketing / Internet Based Business so as to make it a success and that is to stay disciplined and focus my thoughts as if it is a laser beam that can cut through any obstacles.

This period of time is the most successful for me as I have taken the right steps and that is to engage a trustworthy guide: Mr Cruz Ramirez who have an excellent map to show me the most shortest way to the top of mount GDI.

So successful that on day 26 of my 30 day challenge, I’ve got one more signup to my GDI business.

* Click on the image to enlarge.


Saturday, July 18, 2009

Day 18: Learn Faster!!!


One of things about Internet Marketing(IM), or the term that I personally love to use: Internet Based Business(IBB), that can drive a ‘newbie’ nuts is that there is a lot of materials to read.

It is just like back in the school days, especially my Secondary School(High School) days, when I had 8 subjects to learn every week.

I bet that you’d like to know what my 8 subjects are, eh?

  1. English as 1st language
  2. Malay as 2nd language
  3. Mathematics (A Syllabus)
  4. Mathematics (D Syllabus)
  5. Literature
  6. Biology
  7. Science (Physics + Chemistry)
  8. Islamic Religious Knowledge

Not to mention that we had to do ECA(Extra Curricular Activities) which usually needs the student to do 1 Club + 1 Sport or just 1 Uniformed Group like Boys Brigade or Boy’s Scouts etc.

Imagine that you had to finish reading 8 textbooks every week and you also had to go thru exercise classes to get your body fit!

I think that’s why there were some people who still get recurring nightmares about their secondary school’s leaving examinations even until today. (Yours truly, included)

Why do we have to go thru this? I feel that life’s education system is so unfair! And to top it off, some of the things that you learn you don’t use it when you are an adult!

Anyway, I digress.

I’m feeling the pressure of my childhood schooldays nowadays.

I’ve got so much things to learn about my IM/IBB plus I have to put it into action that if I were to write down all the things that I have to do, I believe that it will look like this:

The above chart is courtesy of Rich Schefren of who I admire dearly because of his reports that he have a habit of giving it away for free.

And his reports is incredibly insightful and earth shaking because many who reads it behaves differently after reading them.

Plus, Rich has a philosophy of giving away your best products for free and make money anyway from something else.

More on Rich at a later post or you can know more about it from this website:

Today is Day 18 and I think that by this stage, I should have accumulated close to half or if not more of my targeted $1000.00 isn’t it?

So far, I’ve got something like USD170.00 from TGAPS(Tissa Godavitarne ACME People Search) System.

And I’ve spent USD(29.95+10.00+10.00+10.00) = USD59.95

Now, if I hit USD200.00 from GTAPS, then I’d get my money transferred to PayPal. (That means that I get paid.)

I’m short of USD30.00 for TGAPS

From GDI, I’m going to get USD2.00/mth because of the 2 signups that I have.

So, if things don’t change as it is, I’d be looking at –USD57.95 in my PayPal account.

If I get 2 more signups for GTAPS/TGAPS before the end of this month, I’d get USD202.00.

So, my plan now is to get 2 more signups for GTAPS/TGAPS before the end of this month, so that I’d get USD202.00.

Plus, I’ve read Joseph Then’s report about “How to Make $100 in One Week”, and I’m already doing the first steps of the method discussed by him and I am sure I’ll be getting that $100 within 7 days.

Wish me luck!

Alief Hamdani


Go here to earn your first income from the Internet

using GDI + Twitter & a special niche market:

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Day 14: One more signup! Thank You!


I remembered when I was working at my last employment, I had to do sales next to this group of
guys selling a kitchen appliance; and everytime they close a sale, they would all together shout out:

"Thank You!"

And this would sometime go quite regularly when sales were very brisk for them!

And this vocal response to every sale they did was very empowering because of the verbal que and the response-in-gratitude phenomena.

So, today i would like to start something similar albeit in a visual text form where if I were to get a new sign-up, I would blog about it here and "shout-out"


I realized that I need to "capture" the screen of my GDI or ACME-People-Search so that people will see for themselves my successes:

* Click on the image to enlarge.

I sincerely hope that with the evidence I submit above, it shows that the business that I am in is not a scam and it does truly allow you to earn an income!

With this new signup, I'd me making something like $170.00!

Not bad, eh? For doing what you are asked to do by people who did the same and did not deviate from their path of success.

God! I am sooooo sleeeeepy! And I am also like hearing voices in my head as I am nodding off to sleep whilst typing this blog!

Here is the one from GDI:

* Click on the image to enlarge.

I have to strike off their names and other details because of privacy issues.


Alief Hamdani
Go here to earn your first $3,000.00/mth income from the Internet:

Friday, July 10, 2009

Day 10.1: GDI - 2 GTAPS - 3


Good news today: I've got some sign-ups!

Hoo Ahr!!!

2 confirmed from GDI(Global Domains International) and 3 from GTAPS(GDI-Twitter-ACME-People-Search).

So, I'm going to get $165.00 from GTAPS and $2.00/mth from GDI.

Cool eh?


Alief Hamdani
Go here to earn your first $3,000.00/mth income from the Internet:

Day 10: What spurred me to do this?


One of the events that happened that made me set my mind up to do Global Domains International(GDI) as my current focus for succeeding in my Internet Based Business is right after I read Ewen Chia's report: "How to Make Your First $1,000 Online In Just 30 Days!"

Just reading the title of the e-book made my eyes grow wide with the realization that succeeding in any business is about setting a target income and than work towards it.

I realized that if I were to aim for RM1,000.00 per month, that would definitely work for me because currently, I am earning less than that.

And if I can do something on the Internet that can earn me a steady income of RM1,000.00 per month, praise God!

I could probably quit my 80 hours a week job and stay at home to work less hours but still earn the same amount of money.

Plus, the equivalent of RM1,000.00 is roughly USD$300.00 at current exchange rate of USD$1.00 = RM3.50. Actually, if I earn USD$300.00 per month, I'd be getting RM1,050.00 per month!

So I went about assessing what are the available methods that I can get involved in to earn me USD$300.00 per month and I am talking PER MONTH here.

Not a method that gives me a one off income and then I have to work hard at doing it again for another potential customer.

Wouldn't it be great that you can introduce to a potential customer once and than after that potential decides to become your customer, he/she "buys" your product but keeps "paying" you every month as long as he/she wants to keep "using" your service?

And if you can get several tens or even hundreds of such customers, your earnings would increase multiple times.

Now, at the time of reading Ewen Chia's e-book, I was doing Work For 3 Dollars(W4$3), but I feel that I'd have difficulty hitting my target of USD$300.00 per month because I'd have to signup 600 new people per month!

Why 600?

That's because each new person that I introduce to W4$3 would earn me USD$0.50.

To me, 600 new people per month is difficult!

So I went about looking for something else that can earn me a steady flow of income even though the potential only signup once but keeps being a member of that website's service or product.

Also, that website's service or product should not be too expensive to maintain.

One website that I could think of now is Global Domains International(GDI), because each signups will let me earn USD$1.00 per month.

And being a member or GDI is not too expensive: USD$10.00 per month.

Tell me of a business that costs you USD$10.00 per month but has the potential of earning you whatever amount your heart desire.

And you don't have to stock up on potions or lotions that you don't use at all.

GDI is all about the internet and internet websites and anyone who accesses the internet and wants to setup websites for any reason, should look at GDI.

GDI is not only a website solution provider but also an internet based business solution provider.

One thing wonderful about GDI is that it is an Multi Level Referral based system.

That means that I can leverage on my signups to get more signups!

And every signups that they get earns me USD$1.00 per month!

So, my plan is to get my first 10 members so that I can get USD$10.00 per month which would help pay for my membership.

In other words, once 10 members is achieved, my GDI membership is free!

Imagine that my 10 members does the same thing. That means that each of my first 10 members gets 10 members. How much do I earn per month?

USD$110.00 per month.

That's because there is 100 members in that level.

Now, what if that 100 members does exactly the same thing I did and does 10 signups each. How much do I earn per month?

USD$1110.00 per month and that is equivalent to RM3,885.00 per month!

I believe that if that happens, I'd stop working and stay at home and be my own boss!



Go here to earn your first $3,000.00/mth income from the Internet:

Monday, July 6, 2009

Day 6: Tissa Godavitarne


There are many people in the Internet Marketing(IM) World who calls themselves Gurus and promise to teach interested members how to make money on the internet by following their methodologies.

Then, there are those who don't call themselves gurus but still do the same thing.

Then, there are those who are anti-gurus and they seem to act like experts in the IM World and do the same thing.

Ande, all of the above mention gurus/non-gurus/experts in IM World would do the same thing and that they will sell you something like an e-book or membership for some form of training and they'd teach you to sell to your friends/relative/colleagues the same things that they have sold you for a commission.

And then, some people wonder how do these people make money?

Then, there is Tissa Godavitarne who I feel is the real deal because he want's you to succeed not by buying anything from him but by setting your own Affiliate Marketing System which he is going to share with you how he does it and it is up to you to follow.

He is like a really nice guy and i want you to judge him yourself by visiting this 2 links.

The first is a video:

The second is this website:

I hope that you learn something from here and take massive actions to make something worthwhile!


Go here to earn your first $3,000.00/mth income from the Internet:

Day 5: Twitter!


I think that I may have made a mistake with how I am using my Twitter account to promote my Internet Based Business: GDI-Twitter-ACME-People-Search(GTAPS) Business System.

I have just read a posting from Administrator about how
members should or should not do on Twitter whilst using

Here is the reproduction:
Notes From The Administrator

Date Created: 05-20-2009 To: All Affiliates
Don't Do This, Please.
Do not repeatedly tweet the same message on your Twitter account, or on
several Twitter accounts with your affiliate link.

Not only will you annoy your followers, and lose followers. By repeatedly
tweeting the same message you are violating Twitter's spam rules, and you
could get your Twitter account suspended.

You will NEVER make sales by annoying people. Never. Don't do it.

Date Created: 03-09-2009 To: All Affiliates
How To Promote TweetLater
With TweetCockpit, I hear everything that's being said on Twitter about
TweetLater. I frequently see your tweets come by that contain your
affiliate link. :-) Some folks even retweet them for you. Gives me a good
chuckle. LOL

That's a good way to promote TweetLater, but it's not the method that's
going to get you the most conversions and earn you the most money.
The three primary keywords you must remember when it comes to conversions
are: Authenticity, Trust, and Personal Experience.

Think of most TV ads. They show (supposedly) real people telling you how
they used and benefited from the product. That's no accident. It's
because that method works.

Tweeting your affiliate link may drive visitors to the TweetLater site
via your link, but you can expect to have a rather poor conversion rate
(signups and upgrades versus number of visitors).

The best way to promote TweetLater is to follow the simple process I've
outlined below:

1) Use TweetLater and TweetLater Professional yourself. If you can't
afford to upgrade, at the very least do the free 7-day trial.

2) Make notes of what you like about both Free and Professional as you
use it. If you can keep stats of how much time it saves you, or other
ways it benefits you, even the better. Take screenshots that you can
illustrate if you know how to do graphics, or capture a video if you can
do that. Folks love videos.

3) Then write a blog post where you tell your visitor how YOU have used
TweetLater, and how YOU have benefited from it. If you don't already have
a blog, then write a Squidoo lens, or a Hubpages page, or create a blog, a Blogger blog, or a blog.

Doesn't matter, just get it up somewhere. It's not important if your page doesn't rank in
Google. You just want a landing page that contains your first-hand (and
listen) authentic personal experience with TweetLater. On this page,
include your affiliate link in several places (make it easy for the
visitor to find and click on your affiliate link).

4) Now write your tweets and send your DMs, but don't put your affiliate
link in them, put a link to your landing page in them. And tell the folks
why they should go to that page and read what you have written. Something
like, "How TweetLater saves me 2 hours every single day: [link]", or
"Here's my first-hand experience with TweetLater: [link]". Now it becomes
much easier for you to invite folks, because you're not just sending them
off to a distant site, you are in a sense inviting them in for a cup of
tea (your landing page) and telling them your own personal story. It
smells much less like sales, and your visitors will have lowered their
guard, which we all put up when we smell a sales pitch.

Why will this increase your conversions?

It tells a personal story. Your story. (Remember the TV ads?) On the
TweetLater pages, I can only tell folks how they CAN use TweetLater. On
your landing page, you can tell folks how you HAVE used and ARE using
TweetLater, and how it helps and benefits you every single day. People
will far easier identify with your story.

When people come to TweetLater via your landing page, with your story
fresh in their minds, it will be much easier for them to visualize how
TweetLater will benefit them. And that's the process that you really want
to trigger, namely their own visualization and imagination. Accomplish
that, and you have an almost guaranteed upgrade.

With this two-step process (point people to your landing page, and from
there to TweetLater), you may send fewer folks on to TweetLater (some
won't make it past your landing page), but that does not matter. The
number of visitors is not as important as how ready the visitors are to
buy when they get to TweetLater. It's better to send 20 people, of whom
50% (10) upgrade, than to send 200 people of whom 2% (4) upgrade.

If (when) you have a landing page, feel free to send me the link to and ask me to take a look at it. I'll be happy
to help you where I can.

Best regards,

Dewald Pretorius

Date Created: 02-27-2009 To: All Affiliates
Who Is Your Target Market?
Joe or Mary who has one Twitter account and just chats with a handful of
followers is probably not going to need TweetLater Professional.

To get the best bang for your promotional efforts, focus on the following

- Internet marketers
- Marketing professionals in general
- Businesses
- Bloggers who want to spread the content of their blogs with Blog Feed accounts
- People with multiple Twitter accounts
- Heavy users of Twitter, even if they have only one account
- Anyone else who can save time and become more productive with our tools


Some of you may be thinking that what will Alief be doing next?

I'm going to do what the maker of is suggesting and create
a special blog just like what he says above.

This blog is supposed to be Day 5's but as you and I may have noticed, I
am a day late because I usually type my blogs late at night and usually after 12 midnight.

I really want to do more of my work early in the morning but so far, I have not been able to do so because of family reasons.

This situation is like no different if I am away at my last job(roughly 10am to
10pm) and then do my internet marketing(IM) work after that(usually 12am
to 3am).

But, this has got to change as I REALLY WANT to make this work.

I can list a lot of reasons why working from home or working for yourself
is the best way to make a living.

More on this later.




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Friday, July 3, 2009

Day 2: How?


Last night, I was typing away at my 2nd entry into my blog and all of a sudden, all of that 1 hours work suddenly went away.

I sat in front of my laptop, stunned!

I was so sleepy and so tired yesterday night/early morning because of my efforts to make my on-line business successful, plus I had to put time aside to do the off-line stuff so that my finances/expenses is well covered.

Folks, I am not typing this blog to condemn anyone nor any company as what I've written is very general. I did not mention at all what my last company's name was!

Most people that I know of who wants to succeed in their life is because of the frustrations that they went through and one of them is sometimes because of their not so good working experience.

They decide to work in a new environment that is better than the last. Or at least work in a situation that gives them the comfort that they seek.

Folks, aren't I right to say that we only keep doing what we do because it is providing us the comfort that we seek? Whether it is sooner or later, isn't it?

If a farmer decides to plant a crop that yields only after a year, should he be criticized?

I have said that I am going to be thankful for the state that I am in and that I am going to have this Attitude of Gratitude.

I am thankful that there exist a company that I have left that is providing a means of income for a handful of people.

I am thankful that there are people who takes the right way of earning their income.

I am thankful that I received training in selling a product that I feel is hard to sell but I see other people who are really excellent in it do it so simply and excel in it. And that I learn from them how they did it.

I am thankful for the comments that people have given me where I have vetted and decided to publish even though it may sound negative.

But I don't see it as a negative comment but a constructive one.

I am thankful for the anonymous comments that has been sent to me. I wonder why it is sent anonymously rather than with a name and contact info so that I can keep in touch with that person.

I believe that there are many people who don't believe in dreams and that dreamers are people who sit around doing nothing and hope that their dreams come true.

That is partly true.

One should not only dream or visualize the goal that they want to attain but also to take MASSIVE actions to make that dream a reality.

If someone thinks that I am just sitting around and doing nothing but just dreaming, that person should be the one to "Wake up!".

How people goes about their business is their their business and that is why there are people who grows things and that there are people who takes that which is grown, and make it better.

Should not that person who makes it better be rewarded justly?

Yes, rezki is in the "hands" of Allah and that we don't just sit around and pray and dhikr / say mantras and hope that big money comes to me without carrying out any active actions that can enable us to receive that rezki.

What have you done today to receive that is rightfully yours?


I apologize for blurting all of these that may seem has nothing to do with my on-line business. I wish for you who is reading this that running an online business is not very different from running an offline one.

What you see out there still applied here, buddy!

So, today, which is supposed to be Day 3 entry is Day 2.

So let this Day 2 be that: Day 2.

Take a look at Day 3 folks!


Tuesday, June 30, 2009

First $1,000.00 in 30 Days.


After being inspired by reading Ewen Chia's "How to Make Your First $1,000 Online In Just 30 Days", I decided to write this article about how I made my first RM1,000.00 in just 30 days.

Why RM1,000 and not USD$1,000?

That is because I want to market this idea to Malaysians and that the thought of achieving RM1,000 online is, I believe, a GREAT achievement for any Malaysian Internet Marketer Newbie.

Plus, the equivalent to RM1,000.00 is roughly USD$300.00.

The numbers now appears achievable isn't it? Does your mind think that it is easier to achieve RM1,000.00? Or easier to achieve USD$300? Definitely the later, isn't it?

And once you achieve USD$300.00, you'd be earning RM1,000.00!

Of course, all big things begins with small incremental processes and if USD$1,000.00 is your target, then that's GREAT!

Just focus on your first USD$1.00 per month and then work your way up to USD$1,000.00 per month.

After that, any monetary target will get easier. It is just a matter of scalability.

For now, I'm just putting the steps more simple by focusing on RM1,000.00 or USD$300.00.

I believe that once the RM1,000.00 has been achieved, the USD$1,000.00 is just around the corner.

Not only that, I want to write what I did to earn RM1,000.00 per month in just 30 days.

It is not good to earn your first $1,000 online but after you have achieved that, you may or may not be able to repeat the process. Or that your earning abilities fluctuates.

It is okay to fluctuate higher ie earn more and more every 30 days but if you earn 4 figures this month, but 3 figures the next and 2 figures the next or even worse, nothing the next, that is not good.

I prefer to document how I did it doing one method that works for me and I want to share it with other people.

What I did was join Global Domains International, Inc. (GDI)

Click here to take a look at this movie presentation.

Isn't GDI perfect?

Since you are already on the Internet doing things like surfing for information, or sending and receiving emails, or online banking, or chatting with friends or relatives etc. isn't being involved in GDI makes sense?

The only reason that people are not yet involved with GDI is either because they have not heard about it or they don't have a computer to access the internet or they don't use the internet for anything.

Anyway, I was looking for a business opportunity that allows me to earn USD$300.00 per month and the only thing that I can think of at the time was GDI.

You only have to pay USD$10.00 per month (RM35.00 equivalent) and that gives you a website that you can choose any domain name as long as the post-fix is .ws.

In my case I chose

After that, I can get an email address that looks like

You also get an online web-mail service so that you can read and/or create emails.

Plus many more. Just check out this link for more explanation of GDI.
The next thing is to get signups for my business.

That is why I have found this method of getting GDI signups, FREE!

Click here to get it.

From this method, I can get minimum 1 signup a day.

So in 10 days, I got 10 signups that already made my GDI business pay for itself.

At this level, lets call this Level One.

Of course, in the next 10 days, my 10 signups will also do the same thing that I've done. So, I'd potentially have a total of 100 signups and have the potential to earn USD$110.00 per month.

At this level, lets call this Level Two.

Now, the amazing thing that if the 10 signups of Level Two does the same thing, then in Level Three, I'd potentially have 1000 signups and I'd potentially could earn USD$1,110.00 per month.

I'm not sure when I would achieve this target of having 1,110 members in my team but if my signups does exactly the same thing as I had, I believe that this is achievable in 1 to 3 months.

What if I have really lazy downlines and I still do all the work and still achieve 1 signup a day?

I guess that if I want to hit my target income of USD$300.00 a month, I'd have to wait for 300 days!

That's in 10 months time!

But, that is an incredible worst case scenario!

Best case is what I explained earlier or that I'd hit my target sooner.